Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Still Alive!

We are still alive, but much has changed!  We actually moved to Northern Virginia at the very end of February to allow me to take a job in the DC area.  And with the move, we moved to having a nanny instead of sending the little three to daycare and she runs our whole household, so we are all happier and more productive!  Let's see, Chiron is 2.5, the girls just turned one, and in August, Trajan will be six.

The reason for actually thinking to blog today was the Washington Post gave me an option to reference a picture in a blog and that seemed like fun!  Apparently when we go to a water park it is newsworthy!

The Washington Post
Jul 16 2013

Other thought is I'm a year behind in my blog reading and I'm vaguely aware that apparently google reader doesn't exist anymore?!?!