Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nebulize the blues away...

Chiron has his first cold. He started sounding a bit piggy-like in his breathing Tuesday and was breathing really rapidly by Friday, so we took him in. The good news is it's not RSV! The bad news is there definitely was some junk in his chest and so they sent him for chest x-rays.

At first he found the baby chest x-ray chair to be interesting, but then he decided it was not fun:

The chest x-ray showed some stuff going on, but was not pneumonia and so we decided to manage him at home with nebulizing. Even decided not to so steroids yet.

So, here's my dilemma. How do I nebulize him happily? The first few times he did it alright, but I think that was largely due to the novelty. We have tried it with him swaddled. We have tried letting him watch tv. He's just unhappy about it now. Any advice?

He's been happy throughout, except for the whole nebulizng thing!

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  1. I have no advice to offer. But I had to click comment to say that when I first glanced at this post, prior to reading it, I was like what the heck is he sitting on?!

  2. Baby electric chair was my description!

  3. Aw really not loving the x-ray chair in that second photograph!

    Afraid to say that I have NEVER found a way to do this happily. Our routine consists of DVD on (not necessary as is ignored in ensuing melee but still we like to think it might comfort her) husband or I basically sitting on J whilst the other one gets the mask-y thing over the mouth and nose. Have tried putting it on toys and showing that they LOVE it, have shown hubs and I using it (pretending obv), tried making up stories about it. All failed :( Hope you find something that works for Chiron x

  4. Wiley, I am so happy you posted on my blog today!! I tried to come to visit you this morning and had problems getting on. I got right over through your comment.
    So sorry Chiron is not feeling well. I struggled with two of my children having pneumonia all of their early childhood. So happy that is not his problem. We did not have nebulizers when they were little so I do not have any grandmotherly sage advice for you on that one.
    Prayers for him to get well and for you to have strength to continue on.

  5. When my baby was on the "mask" :) I never put it on him per se. I waited until he was sleeping and didn't really know and then would hold it right up to his face without actually touching his face.
    Our ped said that was fine and that he was inhaling enough of the meds to help.
    Good luck.

  6. My sitter said it helped when she played hand games with my boys to distract them, like Pat-a-Cake or some such. Full disclosure: This did not work as well for me. But she was adamant that it worked for her.
    P.S. Hugs to you -- nebulizing, X-rays, teeth coming in. Oy. Do you drink wine? My advice: Have some. :-)