Saturday, December 28, 2013

"Everything's gonna be alright"

Three years ago, four days before Chiron was born, I blogged about how my iPhone was sentient.

While Broken will always be associated with that time, that pregnancy and Chiron and Aurelia, it is not "his song". All of my kids have a song that I associate with their infancy/late pregnancy. Chiron's is Lullaby by Shawn Mullins.

We are in Dallas for the holidays and the rental has actual iPod integration rather than just aux in, so I was playing them music from my phone. We had earlier discussed the girls songs, so when I heard the first chords of lullaby, I told them all that this was Chiron's song. I couldn't believe how completely I was taken back, and to two separate times:
1. Lying in the hospital between Aurelia's death and their birth
2. Standing beside him in the nicu.
The commonality between these was a desperate desire/conviction that everything would be alright when I had no way of knowing if it really would be. But I just had to believe.

I actually had tears falling down my face as I heard the repetition of "everything's gonna be alright... Rockabye."

It's something we all need to hear at times: "everything's gonna be alright... Rockabye."

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