Friday, October 28, 2011

A sweatshirt and a backpack...

Apparently make the college student.

I'm in good ole Sherman, TX for an alumni board meeting for my undergraduate school.  There are several meetings a year, but this is the one that is always coupled with Homecoming.  Unfortunately, it is also combined with Halloween this year.  We have a minimum of six events we are going to try to make it to between Saturday and Sunday, so I won't be able to stay for the weekend.  I also didn't bring the boys for the same reason.

That said, I don't want to miss people entirely as long as I'm here, so I've decided to hang around for tonight and then drive back early tomorrow morning.

That's your context.  Now for the explanation of "a sweatshirt and a backpack."  After my meeting finished, I still had several hours before a group of friends would be here for dinner and to watch the baseball game, so I decided to work on the setting up of my laptop which just got a new hard drive and possibly finally updating to iOS 5 on my phone.  I stopped by the bookstore to grab a sweatshirt because it was colder than I anticipated and I can always use another dog walking sweatshirt. So, I found myself walking across campus wearing an Austin College sweatshirt with a laptop backpack on my back.  I thought to myself that this is probably the last time I can possibly be confused with a college student.  I thought it, but I figured I was probably deluding myself.

Nope.  I came across people from the board and got a double take and comments and most impressively a declaration by one of the VPs that I've known for forever that I completely disoriented him.

I'm still confident that this is probably the last time in my life I can pass, but I still am amused by it.

Now, if I can just have technology treat me well and get news soon on the data recovery front from Paul (or his subcontractor), I'll be on track to take over the universe.

Last bit of awesome news:  it's worthy of its own post on my thoughts and things I've learned, but I thought I'd update the world that through the awesomeness of our friends and family, Chiron is currently in first in both the voting competition (http// AND the fundraising competition (http//  I'm particularly impressed by the number of people who have donated in both Chiron and Aurelia's names to Hand to Hold.  We have told a few people, but really haven't been actively soliciting donations, so the fact that we have almost 25 separate family units as donators in their names absolutely floors me.  And, people have been remembering BOTH of them.  Apparently Aurelia is not just a figment of my imagination :-).

I will take pictures this weekend, I will.  One of Amazon's shippers is on my sh*t list for not shipping Trajan's desired Super Why costume, but we are rolling with it.

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