Thursday, October 13, 2011

BM Dump isn't what you think

Refrigeration is important. 

Sunday, I made a quick trip to the grocery store to grab something we needed for dinner and came home to Paul fiddling with the longest extension cord I'd ever seen indoor.  Turns out that the deep freeze in the garage had lost power at some point.  Yes, the deep freeze holding a couple thousand ounces of frozen breast milk.

It was still cool, but all was melted, so this meant the milk got to go in the trash:

And yes, that box is completely full of milk too:

And here's what you see when you remove the box to take one more picture, just because you are a bit crazy:

I didn't cry or suffer a breakdown and I am veryproud of this fact.

Now, you might be asking yourself why did I still have this milk?  I guess I was thinking somewhere in the back of my mind that maybe the gastroenterologist would put him back on breastmilk at the three week followup and so I was holding off taking it to the milk bank, just in case?

Sorry milk bank!

The trash got picked up this morning, so it's gone.  Sigh.  I am proud of myself though.  I have intentionally avoided grabbing the data and calculating what amount of time that quantity of milk translates to.  I also didn't actually go through the milk and systematically add up the volume.  See, some sanity!


  1. I remember when I finally put mine out in the trash. That felt... weird. Also, it was summertime so I quadrupal bagged it because I was so afraid of spillage (we used storage bags) and smells and even the garbage men knowing what it was.

  2. Noooooooooo! Glad that you managed to avoid the temptation to work out the numbers. It's such a shame :(

  3. I'm really sorry you had to see the milk go in that fashion, but congrats on keeping it together! (And a huge, huge congrats for all that pumping!!!)

    I only pumped for three months, and I had a very low supply, so I never had much to store. But one of the nurses advised I put some in the freezer to use if the girls ever got sick. We were lucky and they never got their first cold until they were almost a year, so I was going to give them the milk before it expired.

    I didn't get too broken up about it, but it was really sad when they wouldn't drink Mommy's milk after being on formula for 5 months. :(

    I had to get my hubby to throw it out. I told him, just do it when I'm not in the kitchen. HA!