Monday, October 10, 2011

Give a little whistle...

The world is a much better place!  Nothing big, but perhaps that's what is best about it.  Just living life and it is good, even when it's so bad (to come).

It was one of those weekends were we didn't really do anything, but yet it was a really great time.  Kicked it off on Friday by getting the inspiration to pull out a baby sign video and we all had a great time playing with signs all weekend.  Trajan's school did sign language when he was a baby, so we really just had to reinforce and reap the benefits.  It was fantastic as it allowed us to communicate before he could talk.  Chiron's school doesn't use signs, so when I saw the baby sign time complete program on one of those 80% off sites, I grabbed it.  Right now we are in the "getting the adults and big brother into the habit of using some signs" stage, and hopefully in the next few months Chiron will start picking some up!

We visited a friend for a few hours Saturday which was fun and then ran home to meet a crew of guys who were coming to remove a tree from our yard as it had fallen over onto the neighbor's house.  On Thursday, Paul noticed a slight lean to it and went and saw that a root was cracked and by Saturday morning it had leaned so far it was against the neighbor's house.  Luckily, he's had a guy come out Friday to look at it and they scheduled a crew for Saturday.

It started raining during the removal and in a rare moment of inspiration, I told Trajan that if he'd switch to his sandals, he could go run and play in it.  He had the BEST time.

And at one point, Paul put little brother in a bumbo just inside the window to watch and he really seemed to like that:
Trajan also experimented with chalk in the rain as well as just running around.

Let's see.  I also had several good walks with the dogs.  I was also praised by Trajan for my attempt to read a book in French.  He goes to a school that teaches in French primarily (they also do Spanish and English) and so we have some books in French.  He normally waits for my dad to be there since he knows that mommy and daddy can read in Spanish or English, but not really French.  Saturday night he declared that I should try and just do my best.  It was uplifting at the end to have him assess that I really don't know French, but that I did my best and that made him happy and he got to teach me the pronunciation of two words (moi and chat) and that made him happy as well!

The last thing that happened this weekend was not happy, and I will try to follow up with a post of its own if I can get myself to take any pictures.  The deep freeze got unplugged or something for a day or two and so the couple thousand ounces of milk that were waiting there to go to the milk bank defrosted and had to be thrown away.

And a last happy: Trajan is getting better and better at math, but there is one thing he does that just makes me smile.  He is a pro at adding 3.5 to any age.  Why?  Because he frequently says things like, "when Chiron is 4, I'll be 7.5" or "when Chiron is four and a half, I'll be 8."  This makes me smile.

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