Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Holy Tooth, Batman!

Trajan didn't get his first tooth until over a year.

Don't need teeth to be happy
Seriously, the kid was eating steak before he had teeth.  And then the lower two came in together:

Two teeth!

As a result, we haven't even been thinknig about looking for a tooth on Chiron.  So imagine my surprise this morning when he sticks my finger in his mouth and I feel something!  It's the lower right tooth and it's through the gum.

Getting a picture of a tooth is near-impossible and I dubbed to be actually impossible during the hours that are referred to as morning, so no picture, but take my word for it, definitely a tooth!  No drooling, no fussing and no fever to combine to make it even more awesome.

And in more good news, Chiron ate both last night and this morning without gagging and throwing up.  For the first times ever!  I think this is because I finally broke down and talked to doctors yesterday.  Apparently taking action is enough to fix the problem. 

No visual of tooth for you!!


  1. I love when Murphy's Law actually works in your favor! :)

  2. What a little carnivore :)
    yay for keeping it down buddy.