Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Heart and Eggplant

Well, while we were sent home with a picture of two sacs at the last appointment, Dr. Nash did not use the word twins except for asking if twins ran in our family. In fact, as a follow-up to my question of “isn’t there such a thing as vanishing twin syndrome,” she said that there definitely are two sacs with something in each now, but she’d give it 30% odds that there would still be two in two weeks. I think she might have been trying to help me gradually adapt to the idea, because I never found any stat that low online.

So, when she walked in to our appointment two weeks later, she skipped all the small chat and said, “well, I’m wanting to know how many are in there and I’m sure y’all are, so let’s get to it.” And lo and behold:

Heart and eggplant! Both with good heartbeats. Heart is A and eggplant is B!

She also changed our due date at this appointment to March 10 from March 2. But, since she also told us the latest we would go is 38 weeks, we actually moved up over a week total.

We also got individual shots of each, but apparently I'm not good enough at knowing how to use the blogpost thing to show both... Oh well

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