Monday, November 29, 2010


Weihs doesn't like questions and while I got to see Nash this morning because she was covering part of Thanksgiving, figured it wasn't good to harass someone who is really on maternity leave. Dr. Nash will be back on a normal schedule December 13 apparently, so hopefully I can harass then.

  1. What happens with a fetal demise with a singleton? What's the body's response? How is this regulated?
  2. Why do I suddenly not need the vitamin D and iron? My blood work better?
  3. How does this delivering, knotting and shoving cord back up plan work if we do try to deliver just Aurelia?
  4. Is the infection risk basically from breakdown and decay?
  5. Why the coagulation blood work?
  6. How do we deliver them? Early? Later? If we are trying to deliver both, how will this happen? I know this is not a certain thing, but what are the ranges of possibilities?
  7. What is the ideal end game?
  8. What are the contractions/irritability? Dr. Yium made the most sense with a passing comment that I had a uterine irritant. Is that right?
  9. Basically, what are we doing? What are we watching for? What is the range of expectations?
  10. Does both moving so much lower mean anything?
  11. The sort of downward pressure sensation is just due to position moving?
  12. What the hell is a contraction?
  13. What's superstition and what's real? Lie only on side? Flood with liquids or just reasonable? Ambien more worthwhile for the benefits of sleep versus the risks?
For now, I'm just writing them out to make me satisfied. Sometimes stating the question feels like it's good for at least part of the benefits for getting answers. I do know that most of the answers are typically "we don't know". And yes, this drives me crazy. Or perhaps crazier is more fair.

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