Tuesday, June 12, 2012

8 lb, 4.5 oz of baby

Assuming accuracy of ultrasound weights (yes, I can hear you laughing from here), the girls now outweigh Trajan's birth weight collectively.  I was not surprised by this as I also have a bit of stretch mark for the first time ever.  Right now it's just two little red marks, but I bet that's just a start.

Righty, our presenting baby, came in at a petite 1719 grams (3lb, 12.6oz).  Lefty is now our bruiser coming in at 2038 grams (4lb, 7.9oz), two kilos!  So together they are 3757 grams (8lb, 4.5oz).  Righty is at the 37th percentile while Lefty is at the 56th.

The margin of error at this age/size is about 300 grams for each of them, so their weights may not be as far apart as they look.  It' a 15.7% size discordance and they apparently don't start to pay closer attention until 18-25%, so golden on that front as well.  Today was 31 weeks, 6 days and those weights correspond with 31 weeks, 4 days and 32 weeks, 2 days, so the weight difference is only equivalent to 4 days growth of the fetus that is the perfect 50th percentile.

Both girls aced their BPPs as well which was reassuring as Lefty didn't get a reactive fetal strip in the appropriate amount of time this morning.  She eventually did, but not within the time parameters for it to count as reactive. 

Tomorrow is 32 weeks, so I think based on almost all measures, we have achieved big baby territory!  Also, while their going breech-breech is a bit of a downer as it equals c-section for sure, one nice feature is being able to find each of their heads REALLY helps me to be able to discern what motion belongs to which baby which is reassuring and happy.

As requested, belly pictures demonstrating the collapse down into beer belly:

And yes, my stomach is very oddly veiny!

And a couple of the boys just because I like them:


  1. eeeeeeeh ! :) You make me so happy !
    Thanks for posting pics.
    Glad to know that you now have a big full term baby in your belly.
    well...that minus 2 placentas all of that amniotic fluid filling both sacs etc etc.

    You are doing SO GREAT !
    Keep up the good work.
    Only a few more weeks girlie.

  2. I am thinking such happy thoughts for you! And also smiling at your lovely boys who look so entertaining! You are so lucky to have them.

  3. Grow girls, GROW!

    What a great difference in belly shots; GREAT because it equals growth and intrauterine development for the girls!

    The boys are cute and I agree with Tanika, they look like they keep you entertained.


  4. I love all the pictures! The boys are too cute!

  5. Yea! So glad the girls are doing well in there! Yea for 32 weeks!