Monday, June 11, 2012

I got nothing...

I didn't mean to be dramatic by not posting, it's really just a question of I've really got nothing to say.  And when I do say something, it seems to inappropriately tempt fate and I've developed an unhealthy superstitious attitude.

Still hanging out in patient.  Was pretty much positive we were delivering within 24 hours last Monday.  Dilated more, regular 2-3 minute contractions for hours and the like, but then it all stopped.  OB, nurses, other OB and the like were all also convinced, so no clue what really happened, but I like it.

Good news is that the event that we think precipitated that preterm labor episode was the movement of Lefty from transverse to breech.  And in the process, she seems to have fixed her cord issue.  Free your leg and your heart will follow... We actually have not seen any of the recurrent variables or bradycardia episodes since that day and that has us at a week now.  This is good news!

But with two cervix changing episodes to date and an irritable (the medicos for some reason don't agree with the term bitchy or even whiny) uterus that throws fits at such things as lying flat on back, too much fetal movement and not having a sufficiently empty bladder, they've still got me hanging here even with the improvement in the fetal strips. 

We should have a growth ultrasound with their BPP tomorrow and I'll try to remember to be a good person and update with that.  Because notoriously accurate ultrasound weights are fascinating, right?  Does sarcasm convey in writing?

Other news is the movement on Lefty and then Righty deciding to get in the game and become breech as well (breech-breech for the win) has resulted in belly dropping from it's round ball appearance to looking like a true, sagging beer belly.  Kinda fun.  They are definitely bigger than I was when Trajan was induced at 38 weeks and this is pretty amazing to me.

Still getting a lot of work done for work here and I think that's crucial to my sanity.  Seeing the boys and exercising half-hour wheelchair privileges with them to go on "adventures" is even more crucial to my sanity.  An amazing and patient doctor plus some truly wonderful humans as nurses also can not be underappreciated.

So, life is going well.  Not ideal, but good and we are blessed to be experiencing it.

Last thought: it's really starting to look like we may end up with four children.  Four children living in our house.  Four kids, really?!?


  1. Good to hear everyone is still doing well! In your update tomorrow, please remind me how far along you are

  2. Yay! I was thinking/wondering/worrying about you guys on Saturday, actually. I know I'm just a random lurker, but I am so glad to hear you're all doing good.

  3. Yay! "Nothing" is great news!


  4. Whew! I was kinda worried about you guys. But it sound like the girls are doing great! Yay!

  5. Awesome-awesome-awesome work, girls...and yay! for sanity-saving graces! Thinking of you all!

  6. THANK YOU for updating. I didn't mean to be all dramatic....but I was feeling a bit nervous (ok a lot nervous) with your silence.

    You do NOTHING but lay around and try not to contract and you couldn't even upload a belly picture. COME ON ! ;-)
    SO glad you are doing well. That just makes me giddy.
    SO glad that lefty decided to get in the game and in the right position.

    I had these same contractions/dilatings. I think because of your history they are being - better safe than sorry. and for all of us err I mean you guys involved, I am SO glad. It sure helps keep me umm I mean you a little less stressed. :)
    Take care. You are ALMOST THERE !

  7. Uneventful is good. Glad to hear that Lefty is back on the straight and narrow.

  8. I'm pretty sure you're going to end up with four children. Enjoy!

  9. It so good to hear from you. I was getting a bit nervous! Sorry for emailing you to bug you! Even if it's boring please post to let us know what's going on!

  10. I like the uneventful post. Even without drama, you have insight, gratitude and a wonderful sense of humor. These girls are so lucky!

  11. had us all worried.

  12. Nothing is something for all us keeping you and the girls in our thoughts and prayers. So thankful that the girls are still hanging out and growing in utero.
    Glad to hear you're keeping your wit, sanity, and sense of humor about you.
    Love the "Free your leg and your heart will follow" line!