Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Sigh. Other people must have things going on and not find the idea of a cervix length check to be as riveting as I do. Ok, that in itself is a little disturbing. They moved Chiron's growth and my cervix length ultrasounds to tomorrow instead of today. So, don't have any news yet. But as I've told several people, in our situation no news is about the best possible news.

I'm still on the recommended Google ban that Paul proposed four weeks ago. This is good, because even some of the random facts I run across provide enough fodder for my mind. Boys apparently don't do as well in the NICU as girls?!?

I have no idea how to spell ay-yum, but I mean a yoga type sound that in my mind is coupled with pressing fingertips together. Calm, cool, collected and continuing to deal with reality and find the best course available to us.

I've had amazing quantities of work projects today (i.e. I started at 4:30 am and still am working with things) and I'm as always grateful for VPN, internet, printers, and plenty of work to keep my mind from going crazy.

Ramble over. In the words of Trajan, "grow, grow, grow."

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