Thursday, December 9, 2010

That's not me!

Ok, I'm betting any doctor can get the patients confused, but the doctor covering keeps saying things that are the exact OPPOSITE of what is true and it's making me nervous. 1. she said they were going to stop my saline lock because I had bad veins. Nope, I'm an easy stick. Multiple nurses have commented that it's nice that I have such good veins. Plebotomists (how does one spell that) at the blood centers love me. They got all four sticks for the three-hour glucose tolerance test in the same arm with fast, easy sticks. So, that's not me. 2. I'm anemic, but she said she was going to stick with the once-a-day iron instead of three-a-day like we'd been doing because I got too constipated. Nope. Not a problem. 3. She said that cephalosporins are not a beta-lactam. I gave on that one, but she said my assignment was to look it up and yes it is as the other doctor had said. 4. I did not have a cesarean section with Trajan. 5. My gallbladder is fine.


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