Thursday, April 7, 2011

Random Short Thoughts II

  • Progress from last Random Short Thoughts as the Bristol Zoo lions now only produce smiles from me.

  • Sometimes I wonder why we bother to feed this kid.  Obviously, not really, but I do get frustrated with the reflux.  Paul has a better attitude: "net is a percentage of gross"

  • I may never get these events/picture posts up recapping his life.  I really did start them as requested, but progress isn't too fast.  Maybe when we all get back at work full-time I'll get more productive.

  • I have now thought I was depressed-like twice since Chiron was born.  Both turned out to be blocked ducts/mastitis/breast infection type things.  So, if I claim to be depressed again, someone tell me to do a breast exam.

  • It's odd to have a living, breather example of exactly how old a stillborn child would be at any moment.

  • I really am going to write my pumping summary guide.  Really, before a good friend who asked about it goes into labor.

  • I find it very amusing when I read Wordless Wednesday posts that are chockfull of words

  • I think this is a great article.  We aren't there yet, but it's nice to know people think about it.  And it happens to be written by my fabulous OB.

  • And I love this picture.  There are some that are more traditionally "sweet", but this just makes me happy

  • I am really having fun being able to experience both boys together "on my own".  This is probably a normal thing for most parents, but between Chiron being in the NICU and not being able to go most places, I'm just starting to have opportunities where I can do things with the two of them.  And I like it.


  1. Yay for randomness! Double-Yay for "I really am going to write my pumping summary guide. Really, before a good friend who asked about it goes into labor."

  2. I really am... I really am.. AHHHH!! :-)

  3. What a great picture! That's likely a candidate for a future wedding rehearsal, when one is the best man for the other. :)

    [Thanks for stopping by my blog - Twin Trials and Triumphs - but I have to confess that my girls are only 27 months old. I was exaggerating about them being 7 years old and me still heating their milk...although I may be still carrying them to bed then (if they'll let me). :) ]

  4. I was just thinking that the picture was going to be part of someone's Best Man speech! Great minds think alike!