Thursday, April 14, 2011

Admit Defeat

So, I started getting information and pictures together to document Chiron's life to date a few weeks ago, but I am now going to admit defeat.  Well, at least admit defeat until X is in daycare (hopefully starting May 2) and thus I am able to work at work full-time.  Right now Paul is going into his office two days a week and I am going into mine three.  Seems like it would be enough, but it's not.  Even with working remotely, I am absolutely drowning.  I anticipate that I will have to come back tonight as soon as Trajan gets to bed and am hoping to make it home before he wakes up.  And then I'm considering risking bringing Chiron into the office tomorrow, that's how much I'm drowning.

So, I'm not writing the life summaries.  I'm not writing a post about how Trajan seems to require absurd amounts of sleep that make it difficult to get to play and interact with him enough given that we work full-time.  I'm not going to write about how I still haven't gotten used to the fact that most people have forgotten that Aurelia ever existed and so they will say stupid things.  I'm not going to write about how meal planning is made more complicated by a spouse following the four-hour body (though it seems to be working great for him, so I'm definitely not complaining).

I am going to order Jimmy John's despite being tired of it because they will deliver it and thus it will take the least time.  I am going to suck down water like even more of a freak than normal to keep myself moving and energetic. I am going to do my best to pull off the impossible.  I am going to send emails to people on a few of these projects to see if there is any wiggle room.  I am going to give up and admit that I will just use the previous presentors powerpoint for a training I'm teaching in a few weeks because I will not get mine (which is only a third done) completed by the due date of tomorrow.

I am going to fly like a superhero.  Whoosh!

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  1. I know your hands are more than full...wishing you godspeed (and superhero powers, too)!