Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm either overreacting or underreacting...

So, Chiron had his first day of daycare yesterday. We placed him in the daycare that we'd picked back in late summer/early fall for the two of them. It's different from the two we used for Trajan, but we were happy with the choice. It's smaller (109 is what they are licensed for and they only have six infant spots), but they really seem to care about the kids and interact well. Paul described it something to the effect of less "show" and more "care". We received glowing recommendations from parents current and past, found a great state inspection record and just liked them. Chiron and I visited a couple times the week before and all seemed good.

Dropped him off for the first morning. He seemed happy and contented and responded well to some songs and rhymes and the like.

Picked him up and this was what I saw:

My first reaction was that he looked peaceful and content, then it hit me "oh my gosh, he looks different because he's on his stomach!" I didn't say anything, got him and left. Paul wasn't concerned. Trajan could roll from his back to his stomach by like five weeks and did so.

I went and found the daycare regulations for Texas (http://www.dfps.state.tx.us/documents/Child_Care/pdf/746_weighted-formatted-pg_adopted_12-10_rules.pdf) and they say
Subchapter H, Basic Care Requirements for Infants
September 2003
High Infants not yet able to turn over on their own must be placed in a face-up sleeping position, unless the child’s parent presents written documentation from a health-care professional stating that a different sleeping position is allowed or will not harm the infant.

§746.2427 Are infants required to sleep on their backs?
I have not said anything. I think the appropriate response is just to ask about it when I pick him up today? Part of the paperwork we filled out included what position he likes to sleep in and I only checked back. Note: he does not rollover from back to front typically (it has happened, but I'm labelling that as a fluke).

So I'm pretty sure I'm either over or under reacting and I don't know what. Oh, other than the whole sleeping on his stomach with a blanket thing, was very happy with his care yesterday. They got enough food into him, got him to take nice regular sleep intervals and he was in great physical shape and mood.



  1. uugggghhh! its that age-old dilemna. If you complain to the waiter about your appetizer...will he spit in your entree?! You should be able to say something but you worry that they will hold it against you and that you're overracting. I know how you feel.

    I wonder if its different rules/guidelines when the care giver is in the room? Maybe its Ok in day cares because they are so close by? But then again, doctors are SO clear about the "Back to Sleep" thing.

    I guess if it were my appetizer, I might just suck it up and keep quiet. But when its your baby you have to say something.

    Good Luck. Maybe you can say something and blame it on your "crazy husband" (not that he is crazy, just that the "crazy husband" always makes a good scapegoat) or your doctor. Might make it easier to deliver the message. Its passive-aggressive, I know, but that's how I would do it. Then I won't feel like they'd label me and my baby as trouble makers and give us worse care.

  2. I think your idea about asking when you drop him off again is the best least confrontational situation.