Wednesday, September 28, 2011

No more pumping, much more stinking

As I mentioned before, Chiron was moved from breastmilk onto Neocate when he was in the hospital at the beginning of the month.  For the first while, I was still pumping the same because the gastroenterologist said we were probably going to move him back to breastmilk, but this didn't come to pass, so I'm working at stopping pumping.  I considered keeping pumping just when convenientish for the sake of continued donation, but I concluded that I'm not that altruistic. 

The other half of this post is stinking.  Seriously, formula reeks.  I'm guessing this one might smell even worse than others based on what some of the nurses said in the hospital.  His room smells like it, the rest of the house hints at it, he now excretes Neocate smell rather than sweet smell and his poop stinks.  Seriously, how can so much stink?!?

That said, he's happy on it, spitting up less and appears to be gaining weight, so I heart Neocate.  He has a nine-month appointment tomorrow, so looking forward to seeing if the weight gain has continued.

Another plus is that in Texas, Neocate is required to be covered by insurance companies even when taken orally.  So, we get 12 cans for $50 which beats $40 or whatever a can!

I intellectually got that he's small, but I really don't think it was driven home until I took a picture this weekend.  He just seems so proportional and sturdy and happy and healthy that the size doesn't really register in my mind.  Until I saw this:

She was born a month after him at a month earlier gestational age. 

And for a bonus:
Doesn't it look like the world is ending?  The kind of body language you expect of someone outside of their destroyed house?  He just had to run inside for a minute, but it struck him particularly hard in that second.

Also, Trajan got a haircut:
Back when Chiron was in the hospital


  1. Formula reeks going in and reeks coming out. True!

  2. They are beautiful. I know there are people, like you who understand and I appreciate your very kind words. Thank You.
    There is not anything in the world that can replicate the sweet smell of a breast fed baby, but if the Neocate is working, I am sure you can get around the smell:)
    For some reason, the last time I tried to visit, I could not get onto your site. Glad you came for a visit today. I was able to come over here through your post.

  3. I should have read before I hit post. By they are beautiful, I was meaning your darling boys:)