Wednesday, March 21, 2012

20 weeks - Them Edition

So, as Karen pointed out there were no pictures in my 20 week ramble. In fact, other than saying all was good, I really didn't talk about the girls.  Because you know, it's all about me!  Duh ;-)

I'll make that deficiency up now with "their side". I went to the perinatologist on Monday morning and then the OB Monday afternoon, so they got lots of opportunities to show off.  The perinatologist puts the pictures and videos on a CD for the 20-week appointment only and so we have some short videos.  Unfortunately, I have pretty much no clue who is who in these pictures and videos, so I just dub them one of the girls.  In some I can figure it out since Righty is lower and she was showing more of a profile while Lefty was showing more of a face-forward view, but I haven't really even tried to work this out.

Paul combined all the clips into one for me, so this is all of the clips in one clip. You see heartbeats (super yeah), hiccups, hands moving around and some kicking.  Seeing the dividing membrane is always fun too!

Both babies are growing right on track and the measurements of the different parts of each of their bodies produce the same gestational ages, which is good.  They are still very similar in size with a 4% size discrepancy now (it was under 1% at 20 weeks), but this is still an EXCELLENT value.  Righty is measuring at 10 ounces and Lefty at 11 ounces.
Righty's placenta has moved up so it's not even a low-lying, much less a previa which is happy, good news.  Both girls are still girls and appropriately active.  It's fun to watch kicking/shoving go on between them.

They will have another growth scan at 24 weeks.

Righty gave us a great profile shot during the OB appointment and so she printed it.
And wanting to be fair, she then went and tried to get a similar shot of Lefty.  However, she was still lying with her face out, so we got more of an alien shot, but hey eyes are still cute!

Both of their fluid levels are great, all of the organs checked out exactly on track and I don't think there is anything that could have been improved from an evaluation of their anatomies perspective!  And that's the 20 week story from "their" perspective with pictures as promised.  Though, I'm not convinced ultrasound pictures should really count as "pictures" ;-).


  1. Wow. Just Wow. That video brought me back... What miracles you have right there INSIDE your body! I'm so glad they are close in size - that's GREAT news! Now I'm off to read your last post. :-)

  2. Those girls have some guns on them. Freakishly strong maybe.
    Everything looks so good ! Thanks for the post.

  3. I was wondering how your appointment went after the scare of bleeding you had. So glad they are doing so great.

  4. Woohoo! They look adorable! Love these pictures!

  5. How is this the FIRST time I've been here! Clearly I haven't been paying attention! Glad the girls are doing well, love that you are capturing all the details of their growth.

    1. Because I pretty much ramble to myself? ;-). But here knew three months ahead of Facebook!