Friday, March 2, 2012

Trajanism - Babies Pee in Your Stomach!

Last night, Paul, Trajan and I were sitting around the table drinking smoothies (they are supportive of operation get more protein into me) and Trajan finished his and stuck his belly out and said it was so big.  Then he declared that Daddy's belly was the biggest, but mine was getting close, but that was just "because of your babies."  (Note: my stomach is bigger than Paul's, Trajan may not be the best judge.)

Then he paused and asked how babies poop before they are born.  I replied that they don't poop until after they are born, but that they do pee.  I've always thought it's kind of cool how they swallow amniotic fluid and pee, so thought I was passing on an interesting trivia fact.  He paused for a minute and then burst out laughing and declared, "babies pee in your stomach!"  And proceeded to laugh for about ten minutes.

Then I took the opportunity to point out that HE had peed in my "stomach" (decided to skip the anatomy lesson for the night) and then he had another round of laughing.


  1. You have to admit, it's pretty dang funny :D

  2. Bwahahahahaha!! Funny boy- and funny enough my DAD has been pondering this whole process lately- complete with comments that should come from a 6 year old vs. a 59 year old!

  3. that's hilarious! pregnancy really is weird.