Thursday, May 3, 2012

24 hours

If I can be good for 24 hours, discharge shall be mine, wahahahaha.  By good, I mean that I have to stop bleeding and have no new bleeding, contract minimally on the monitor and I guess feel like I'm good and stable?  We are theorizing that the bleeding was only due to a cervical ultrasound yesterday and so we went ahead and did a cervical exam today so I can have a calm cervix and get discharged.

I'm supposed to be good because my OB is leaving town and won't be back until Monday night and we established that I have a history of misbehaving when she is out (read maternity leave for her in version 2010).  However, I argued that one event doesn't make a history!  And so I can define a new trend.

I really think I am comfortable with the discharge.  I don't feel like I'm in preterm labor.  I feel like I have a pissy uterus that likes to express its displeasure with the world when anything doesn't quite go its way.  But I think it's bark is likely much worse than it's bite.  So maybe it's not a uterus of doom?  Maybe it's just a uterus of bitching?

I'm supposed to be very limited in what I do at home.  No lifting the boys in any time or condition.  No stairs just for giggles.  No housework.  The oddest explicitly stated limited that she gave me was "no shopping".  I'm taking this as meaning physically shopping, so don't worry dear friend Amazon! I can shower, bathe, go to the bathroom and go to doctor's appointments though and continue working from home similar to how I do in the hospital (and since the house is a mile from the office, this is MUCH easier if I need files or anything to be brought to me).  

I think I forgot to mention here that in celebration of finishing mag I bought a stroller the other day!  We have settled on a two-stroller solution to our stroller logistics and I purchased stroller number one.  This is a Baby Jogger City Select with the second seat.  I was feeling enthusiastic enough that I ordered the glider board thing as well.  This stroller will take both of the Chicco Keyfit 30s, but I haven't ordered the adaptor bars yet.  My theory for ordering this stroller now is multifaceted.  One, it allows us to sell the Bugaboo and it's accoutrements on Craigslist while still allowing Poppins and Chiron to get out.  Two, the weight limit on this stroller actually still includes Trajan, so he who has never really used a stroller much can get to play with it this summer and get that out of his system some before it gets into real use.  Three, the 2012s are out and have been out for a while and the 2011s haven't dropped in price and since there were so few changes to the 2012 model, they probably won't anyway, so it made sense to be the stroller to buy.

If you're curious, the second part of our stroller logistics solution that we have settled on is a Valco Trimode Twin with a Joey Seat for Chiron.  The BJCS will be more for Paul and I (who can sling or Ergo a third if necessary) and in the car while the Valco is mainly for leaving at the house and for Poppins to utilize.  The model years on the Valco don't seem to be updated and I want to get more on top of it's product line development and history before I buy one.  Also, the colors are giving me pause.  I think we'd probably do best with just the Raven, but it doesn't seem to exist, so maybe the Arctic?

Have we noticed the leaps of faith I've taken?  We are employing an entire person, I bought a stroller and we have girl clothing in our garage up to 3T.  We also now have three crib mattresses and are moving towards figuring out bunk beds for Trajan so we can turn his full-size bed back into a crib.

And in other news, my subtle pity party has ended as scheduled this morning and I'm back on board conquering the world and generally being competent and in charge.  It was a subtle pity party, but it still feels good to be over.

And for some random pictures because I think they are fun:

Chiron on the way to storytime with nanny yesterday in a picture she texted me:
The awesome alligator that one of my friend's fiance's crocheted and she brought to me.  He does amazing work!
My bed stuck up high by the exuberant Trajan.  He really does enjoy the hospital bed.
And my view, because well, ain't it awesome?

So, the conclusion is that my uterus and my cervix are both whiners and like to vent their agitation frequently, but they keep doing what they are supposed to do despite being big pansies.  Keep it up guys.


  1. Great news! Behave for the next 24 hours!!!

    I love the alligator! Your friend is very talented!

  2. I so wish you had titled this post, "Uterus of Bitching." That. Is. Awesome.

  3. Also, that alligator is out of this world. Wow. Talented is an understatement!
    Behave, uterus!

  4. YAY ! Way to rock it uterus.

    That picture of Chiron has got to be the cutest picture ever.
    Keep it positive. Keep it relaxed. Keep on keepin :)

  5. Ha, your view looks just like the one I had when I was on bedrest! Lovely. You'd think they'd put the long-term patients into the rooms with better views? Hmmph.

  6. Just an FYI- That shoulder strap on the carseat is too high. He will be able to slip out if there were an accident. The shoulder strap should be even with his shoulder not above it. Car seats are a bear to get right, but I know this from experience so I am sharing.

    1. It absolutely is. I hadn't actually seen the second car seat we got for her car, but it looks like the straps never got moved at all! Thanks :-)

  7. I don't think I've ever written something quite like this before, but I am sending your uterus calm, happy thoughts. ;)

    So glad you and the girls are hanging in there! And it sounds like your boys are hanging in there, too.

    Thinking of you all!

  8. Not only are the shoulder straps too high on the car seat, but the chest buckle piece is sitting too low on the five point harness. That adjustable buckle should be at the level of the child's armpits.

    I always cringe when I see pictures of a child or children who are in car seat(s), but still improperly restrained. I wish there was better education about proper car seat usage.

    Hope the UofB keeps itself in check and that you are able to go home, though I don't know how you'll ever be able to leave that view. Remember to honor your at home restrictions.

    Kudos to you for having faith and ordering your stroller. Reference the Valco color issue, the Raven does seem to be the best option, especially since the Joey seat only comes in that color, but as far as a secondary choice, I like the hot chocolate for your twin girls vs the arctic which seems to say baby boys.
    Ohhh what about this one: as long as the joey seat will work with it?
    Is it worth $50 more to coordinate with the joey?

    Oh and that alligator is seriously adorable. I want a crocheted animal for myself!


  9. It was probably the dildocam and all the probing. Enjoy the rest for now and when you get home please take it easy. I know you are probably feeling a bit stir-crazy but it worth it. Here's to going home soon!

  10. I'm hoping you can go home. Fingers crossed!

    That little animal is adorable!

  11. Awww hoping for you mamma! Keep us posted!
    I love the alligator! OMG it is SO cute!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Good on you for ordering the stroller.. I am slowly inching my towards ordering the one we chose. Inch by inch day by day. ;o)
    Behave ute, behave cervix. You are officially on notice. :o)

  12. Yay - I'm glad it looks like you'll get to rest at home instead of in the hospital :)

  13. How could you not want to stay in the hospital and gaze out at that... beautiful view. Seriously. :)

    Glad to hear everything is going well. And yay for strollers! When I was thinking twins plus toddler was a possibility, were were going to go with the Valco and the joey seat. I hope it's awesome!!

  14. Are you home!!? Can't wait to hear!