Monday, May 21, 2012

See this angelic face?

She was misbehaving on her NST, so we are over at L&D for some monitoring. She was having relative bradycardia events, dropping into upper 90s/lower 100s. Both girls got perfect 8s on their BPPs, but the perinatologist sent me over to L&D to monitor for a while longer to make sure that the bradycardia events stop.

Strip is looking pretty good so far at L&D though, so hopefully just here for a couple hours. He said if the events didn't reoccur that they would let me go, but if they do reoccur, we are going to need continuous monitoring.

He did some extra visualization and studying of her cord (that's Lefty) and it is actually positioned really well, so hopefully is just a fluky, benign thing.

The perinatologist was also able to confirm that my feeling that fetal motion was different this morning is due to repositioning as I theorized.

Being honest, I did get a little toward panic during the NST while the tech was noticing the bradycardias, but the perinatologist was very reassuring with his ultrasound examinations and doing this extra monitoring is really helping me to feel confident.

So, think behaving thoughts their way and if so, I'll update you with fun baby tiedye tomorrow from the house instead of medical!

And here's evidence of the girls conspiring:

UPDATE: well, they decided to do two more rounds of steroids since it's been four weeks and so here for 48 hours. But strips are looking good.

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  1. Stay and grow baby girls, stay and grow!

  2. Sending behaving thoughts. Hoping everything was just a fluke and all is well!

  3. Hoping after 48 hours you are home again.

  4. I'm glad they are being careful with you. I'm so sorry that you have reason to be worried. I think more than anything...that's got to be SO hard.
    One of mine had the bradycaria's, but I of course didn't have your history so they looked over a few things and I was given the pink slip.
    Here's to hoping you get your pink slip soon :)
    Enjoy those lung enhancers girls.

  5. Behave, girls!!! Or Auntie Tika will sing to you. And trust me: That is pure torture!

  6. Everytime I see you have updated your blog I get so excited to see how your little girls are doing!! Sending warm, baby-growing thoughts yalls way!!

  7. Hope they behave and give no more cause for worry and that you are home soon!

  8. Behave littles! You are going to need all the insternal growing time you can get to keep up with those big brothers!