Thursday, August 11, 2011


I generally say my life is good and embrace what I have and accept what I don't. But there's the occasion when you just wake up and you're grumpy. No good specific reason why, just grumpy.

Today is one of those days. I really can't come up with a reason. It's possible it's a reaction to my realization early in the morning that I have to take Chiron to the ENT today, but I don't come off well with that, so we will go with no good reason :-).

But I am combating it. I ate breakfast (left over dinner that was awesome tastiness that Paul and Greenling united their powers to make), I'm indulging in a Dr. Pepper and I'm enjoying friends and life.

It's actually going well enough that I'm thinking maybe I should appreciate the occasional grumpiness as it forces me to go out and seek positive things and happiness.

And, in another positive, my big brother rocks. One of our cousins is getting married about an hour and a half south of where I live. It's a no kids wedding though and rather than try to coordinate babysitters in another town, Paul's parents are going to come into town to stay with the boys. Yeah!!!

Only negative? They can't be here Friday. So, I am going down for the rehearsal and Paul will come down the next day. This means two cars though, so eww. Here's where the awesome big brother comes in. He and his family are going to pick me up on their way through!

Weddings plus my big brother:


Big brothers are the best and I've been thankful for him as long as I can remember. I swam almost two miles starting when I was six to see him at the boys summer camp on the other side of the lake, that is how awesome we are talking.

This one is a little brother, but he's pretty awesome too. And needs to watch The Incredibles to learn about the perils of turning a bib into a cape.

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  1. I dunno. You say this brother of yours is so awesome, but I'm not convinced... :P