Saturday, August 6, 2011

Preemie Clothing

I had another thought from my exercise in rotating the clothing in Chiron's room from 0-6 to 6-12 months:

Preemie clothing is inconceivably small. 

Even having seen him wear them and having them swamp him, my brain just can not grasp the idea of him being that little.  Chiron was born on December 23 and a friend, who is a NICU nurse at a different hospital, came that day to help us go up for my first time.  She brought us a number of preemie sleepers including a Christmas one, because she knew that while he wasn't wearing clothes yet, we would appreciate having them when he could.  He couldn't wear it yet, but we went ahead and took his picture with it stretched out beside him Christmas night:

This same sleeper today with the same boy:

This was actually not one of the smallest preemie things, but since we had the early picture, I thought it was best for comparison purposes!


  1. Fantastic 'after' shots! MY GOD they grow fast....boy oh boy do we know that!!!!

  2. P.'s preemie clothes (which also were to big for her in the NICU and beyond) look to me now like clothes for a smallish doll. I can vaguely remember her being that tiny since I'd sling her over my shoulder when going to the bathroom with no problems, but it's still amazing to think about.

  3. Tee hee! It is madness isn't it? Look at how he is dwarfing that sleeping now!

    I've kept a dress and a onesie that are in 1-2lb size and even I can't believe that she EVER wore those.