Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Random Tidbits III

Chiron, I love you very, very outerspace until it gets to infinity.  - Trajan

We are in some sort of honeymoon period where Trajan has the language skills and the memory to tell me about his day as well as the desire and willingness to do so.  And I like this.

Chiron's head is more than six centimeters more around now than all of Chiron was long when he was born.

Discussing cremation with an almost four-year-old definitely makes a drive more interesting.  Turns out I don't really know many of the details.  Cremation was the longest topic, but a lot of other questions as well.  Why didn't you help her or tell a doctor so they could heal her before she died in your tummy?  The doctor took her out so you could have more babies in your tummy?  Why can't we name another sister Aurelia? Plus one more reflection which really impressed me at how old Trajan is and how much his mind works:  when Chiron was playing with Aurelia in your tummy, he thought they would be grownups together.

Is it normal for a pretty-much-four-year-old to switch to referring to himself in the third person at this age?  Including both saying Trajan and he in reference to himself?

I was at a conference the last few days and I gained a new life experience and determined that I may be too competitive.  One of the things they had brought in for one of the dinner/receptions was a guy rolling cigars.  One of our clients asked if I'd ever smoked one and I explained that no, despite having gone to Cuba in college with a license from the Treasury Department, I'd never actually figured out how to smoke one.  Then he said something to the effect of he wasn't surprised that I couldn't.  So, I decided I could. 

It was an interesting experience.  I choked, coughed and sputtered on the first inhale, but then I pretty much figured it out.  It lead to a light-headed feeling and a bit of tingling in my face.  However, I don't understand the habit and don't anticipate I will be adopting it soon.  While a shower when I got up to my room took care of the smell on my body including my hair, I woke up at least three more times during the night to go brush my teeth again and rinse with mouthwash because the taste was just so disgusting.  It was still there part of the way through the next day!
I was an intense smoker.

Baby Planking!

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  1. Amazing the insights they have at that age, and the directions their minds take them in. Hope the conversation was a fruitful one and not distressing (which it may or may not have been for you). I was glad when I had my miscarriage that the Babby wasn't really old enough to get that anything other than mama and papa being sad was happening. It wouldn't have been a conversation I would have wanted to have.

  2. Aw Trajan. That is SO lovely. I think J is trying to formulate a similar thought but all she can manage linguistically is, "Baby Ooben, Baby Ooben, Baby Ooben" multiple, multiple times!

    That is so much reflection FOR AN ADULT. I was kinda side swiped by that one. Let alone for a four year old.

    And I'm worried about the cremation thing too. I just don't even know where to start. At the moment we only have a Baby Georgie who, as far as she is aware, lives in my necklace. How I'm going to get from here to the truth I just don't know!

    Being a former cigarette smoker I've been told that this excludes me from being able to smoke a cigar properly?! I have tried. Didn't like it much either and the SMELL! I wouldn't have been able to resist the 'you couldn't' either though! At least you know you aren't missing out on anything :)