Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shellac, why didn't anyone tell me?!?

Being a consultant, I have to be presentable on the occasions that we interact with clients.  However, I tear fingernail polish up.  Like, I can't get through a one-day meeting typically, much less a multi-day conference wtih nails done.  So, traditionally I've just gotten a pedicure and then had my hands either just cleaned up or possibly buffed.

Enter Shellac.  Last weekend, we went to Dallas for my niece's birthday party and then Paul and the boys headed back to Dallas while I stayed in the metroplex for a conference.  Right after they left, I ran to a nail salon to get a pedicure and my fingernails cleaned up.  Part way through they asked if I wanted polish on my nails as well.  I explained that I tear them up too much and so I just wanted them cleaned.  So they offered Shellac. 

Here's immediately after:
I went and tried on jeans immediately after, unpacked into a hotel room and did eveything without trying to protect them at all and got only one little chip:

And you have to look to find that!

Now, ten days later, the only chip is still on that finger and I think it's still looking pretty good:

My full report will have to be after I get it removed.  Apparently you have to either get it off at a nail salon or buy pure acetone to remove it.  But, with it lasting this long, maybe I'll just replace it. 

But seriously, this stuff has been out for almost a year and a half, how come no one had told me?!?


  1. I had this done at my favourite nail salon in Houston last time I was there (They called it a "gel manicure", but it's got to be the same thing). So amazingly durable! I took it off myself after getting back home and it was an irritating process, but not too bad.

  2. Before the girls were born, I used to get a manicure every other week, and a polish change in between. I always wore something very neutral, but I could keep it looking pretty decent for the better part of a week.

    Since the girls were born, I've gotten a manicure or two, but never with polish...I just wash too many dishes and wipe too many faces, I figure.

    I did hear about this magical stuff within the last few months. I hope you'll share the longer-term with us. What I don't know is how it really affects the nail bed. Once you quit wearing it, are your nails weaker (as if you'd had gel tips or something)?

    If not, I might just have to try it, too! And your nails do look great...hope you enjoyed the spa treatment (ALONE, too!)!

  3. I'm always a little fearful of anything I can't remove myself - maybe that's weird, but I guess I'd be afraid I'd just leave it on until it finally ate through my fingers!