Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Jimmy John's Turkey Hack

Genius streak continued.

On the turkey sandwich front, there's the difficulty that yes you can eat it if you heat the meat, but you don't want to heat all the veggies and things and getting it out can mess up the structural integrity of the sandwich.

So, I tried something.  I ordered one from Jimmy Johns (they deliver to the office, so a very convenient option) and in the 50 characters they allow for instructions, tried writing this:

Wrap meats from #14 separately to nuke, please :-)

What do you know, it worked!  I failed to think to take a picture of it, but they built the sandwich like normal, but with just the veggies and cheese and wrapped it up like that and then took the meat and placed it in a separate wrapping that I was then just able to pop in the microwave and then down into the middle of the sandwich!

Efficient, easy, tasted pretty good still AND without the potential to add to any potential guilt.

There are enough others I saw who commented that are currently also avoiding the sandwiches that I thought I would pass this pregnancy sandwich hack on.  And food that comes to you without making you leave the work you are doing is worth extra points in my book!


  1. Ooooh!! I'm thinking Jimmy Johns for dinner!! Lol! Thanks for the tip!

  2. I love Jimmy Johns! I will have to try this... I have been eating their veggie subs which are yummy but lacking something :)

  3. And yes, as one smart aleck (:-P) pointed out to me, the #14 isn't the turkey. I had decided to try something different, but the #2 with cheese and sprouts is my typical, so I stuck with the title.

  4. Glad you were able to indulge the sandwich craving in a genius manner! Thanks for stopping by again, and I am looking at the scramble now.

  5. No Jimmy Johns around these parts - but I'm glad you were able to have your turkey sandwich. I remember craving an italian sub but thought that nuking the meat part would totally ruin it.

  6. Yay for hot sammiches! But if you are not a fan, remember it's the heating-up part that is important, not the actual eating-it-while-it's-hot. So if you really dislike it hot, heat it, then let it cool back down before you dig in.
    NOW, who's the genius?!

  7. Nice! When I pack sandwiches, I usually separate the components with waxed paper or foil for minimum squishiness. (Eeeeeeeew squishy sandwiches.)

  8. Yay, I'm glad you found a way to still enjoy a turkey sandwich without the worries! I remember a friend of mine always used to make fun of me when I was pregnant because I refused to eat sandwiches from Togo's or Subway unless the meat was microwaved first. Drove me crazy!!!

  9. How smart!! It is interesting to me to see you younger people talk about what is good and what is not good during a pregnancy. I would have never given a second thought to eating a turkey sandwich ( if I liked turkey) when I was expecting a child. Enjoy your sandwich without any trace of guilt now my sweet friend:)
    I am off to the store to buy buttons, but had to sit down and check on you before I left.