Monday, February 27, 2012


It was a good weekend!  I started off Friday afternoon serving Pizza Friday at Trajan's school.  And he ate eight pieces which is a full large that we serve.  It's the competitive nature of eating the pizza with his friends that really brings out the eater in him I think:
He really loves it when one of us is the volunteer for Pizza Friday, but to be completely honest, he gets more excited when it's Paul.  Paul is planning on taking one of my April or May shifts, so that will excite him.  And, I got smart and signed out of work for the afternoon after it, so I was able to interview a nanny, lounge and get some things done while not overtaxing the body, win!

This weekend was a juggling festival in town that is awesome called Jugglefest. Paul is a juggler and has long been involved with the Texas Juggling Society who puts it on and we go every year (I can juggle three balls and that's it).  It starts on Friday and in the past we've always gone, but decided to hold off until Saturday this year.

We started Saturday off with going to a friend's Circus show that involves his trained dogs and bird and then headed to Jugglefest and it was great!

I worked the desk a fair bit like every year and both boys helped me, with Trajan actually being legitimately helpful this year!
That's our pretty friend Katie who was also working the desk with us.

Chiron discovered stacking cups and was about as cute as it is possible to be with them:

Chiron also mastered his first three-ball trick.  We went to the circus thing in the morning with his friend and his baby who is Chiron's age.  They were sitting side-by-side in laps and had three juggling bags that they were playing with.  He had two of them one in each hand and she had one.  He reached out a couple times to try to grab hers and figured out that he couldn't with the ball in his hand.  So, he reached up and put one of them in his mouth and then grabbed the third ball from her.  Tada, baby with three balls!

After we got home Sunday, I changed and ran out to a friend's half-birthday/adoption day dinner (21 years ago now!) and it was a great time while the boy stayed home for sleep and game night. 

And this morning went to the OB and they are both still alive!  And both still active with everything looking great!  And also both are still girls.  And girl on the left (which is growing on me as a name) gave us a profile shot:

So, all is well in our world! And off to a good work week (though we failed to get groceries for the recipes for the week because of all these activities, so there may be some creativity coming up in our week).

And all the positive thoughts in the world our way on the nanny front!  We were recommended one who seems perfect and so we are looking at starting a few months earlier than we planned.  Our last interview with everyone is Wednesday and then she says she will let us know, assuming we do formally offer the employment contract we already provided her a copy of, by the end of the weekend.  I really think she seems like a great option and so I'm hoping she chooses us.  But I am resisting the temptation of throwing money at her to try to make it happen, because I know that's a bad plan to follow....


  1. Girls, eh? I must have missed that announcement! Now you'll have a sort of even stephen thing going on... 3 males, 3 females...

  2. What a busy but fun weekend! Glad your US went well. It's always reassuring to get a peak at them!

  3. Sounds like it was a fun-filled weekend.

    Definitely don't throw money at the nanny, or she will know how to hit you up in the future for more. My sister has pretty much been manipulated to give her nanny raises more so than she should, because of this. Fingers crossed she chooses you!