Saturday, February 5, 2011

24 hours without using an NG tube!

Chiron has been a pretty poor nippler since he first started (January 11 or so). Bad enough that we never tried him on the breast. Figured if he was that bad with the bottle, why try? Then, middle of this week one of his nurses declared he couldn't be any WORSE with breatfeeding, so we tried.

Chiron was declared by the lactation consultant to be tied for the most stubborn she has ever seen in getting him to initially latch, but within seconds of that latch he declared himself a boob man.

For two days, he'd feed well when I was here so he could breastfeed, but as of yesterday he seems to be transferring his skill to the bottle!!

He did have a mild apnea/bradycardia event yesterday at noon, so he's here for at least another seven days, but things are really looking like he's turning a corner developmentally.

No pressure buddy, but great work!

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