Thursday, February 24, 2011

Posting Habits

I'm pretty sure that if I had the habit, I'd contentedly write and update, but since I didn't develop the habit or the skillset during the six weeks I spent on hospital bedrest, it seems unlikely that I will at this time.  I'm pretty sure when I first switched to the mac at home I saw there were some pretty good WYSIWYG type editors where I could just drag pictures in and the like, but I have no idea where they are.  And anyway, I tend to write the little things I have written from my phone or just a browser at work.

Quick thoughts of things I could/should explore:
  • What happened - in particular, how/when Chiron was born and how the 53 days in the NICU went while I can still remember pretty well
  • My thoughts/processing on the Aurelia component of the whole scenario - I still have issues with using her name rather than just "the girl" or "twin A" type language.  Also, reflections on the number of things that make her still come into my mind at least a few times a day
  • Updated Reflection on : "What KIND of Twins Are They??"
  • Updated Reflection on: "What is a due date, really?"
  • Thoughts on the awesomeness that is Trajan and how wonderful he has been throughout my hospitalization, Chiron's time in the NICU and now that the X-man is home
  • Thoughts on Trajan's questions about Aurelia
  • Reflections on the kindness and awesomeness of the people in our lives
  • And honestly, the art of pumping deserves its own post!
  • Oh yeah, and HE'S HOME!!!

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