Monday, February 7, 2011

36,3/6.5 weeks old

A quick update on the Chiron. A couple of semi-negative things first: he has been stuck at 2.5 kilo/5.5 pounds for a week now, gaining and losing around there, he remains anemic and at times he has a murmur.

I am very interested to know his weight today to see if he is still just futzing around that same value. Here is hoping for a gain and honestly, at least a 35 gram gain.

He also had a hemagram this morning, so when the NICU reopens in a few minutes after shift change I'll be able to see updated hemoglobin and hematocrit values. We have avoided a blood transfusion so far, but since anemia can make other things (like breathing and gaining weight harder), he might need one before discharge. I would prefer the idea of him not having a transfusion, but we want what is best for him and know that a transfusion could really be a good thing for him. We got to see one of his former baymates before and after a transfusion around the same gestational age, so we know what a huge difference it could make.

I really don't know what to think about the whole murmur thing. No one medical seems very concerned and I know it could just be a result of the anemia, but I really feel like I need more information. What the plan is, what the range of outcomes are and what the number after the slash means in the grading. It's a grade II-III/VI. The grade II-III means how easily heard it is, but I have no idea what VI means, but it strikes me as a big number!

Now, positives! He continues to do his feeds by mouth. He is a better breastfeeder than bottle feeder. I think I didn't give the extra bonding of breastfeeding enough credit with Trajan because I took it as a given. It really has helped me to feel more connected and attached to the little man. It's not that I didn't love him already, but that bond was more intellectual. This seems more primordial.

I got a call from the NICU for the first time ever Saturday. And yes, that is as heart-stopping as it sounds. It wasn't anything earth-shattering, but that's where my mind went. It actually was a nurse practitioner calling because she was concerned about my oversupply. I should probably hold off going into the whole discussion and the repercussions because it stressed me out until about four other people in the NICU saying the first NNP was wrong. This has helped some, but still argggh!

It's getting close to 7:35, so I'll go see the boy for the update. They open at 7:30, but I try not to be anymore annoying than I already am!

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  1. One gram up. Yes, one, but up ;-).

    Hemagram stable, but low.