Monday, February 7, 2011

29 weeker

At least once a day I come across a written or oral reference by some medico to Chiron as a 29-weeker. This drove me insane the first week or so. He was 29 weeks and 6 days! Why do they truncate off? I couldn't stand losing credit for those six days. We fought for each day of his gestation and honestly, rounding made more sense to me than truncating. Doesn't thirty weeks sound much better? Actually in the weeks starting with a three...

But it doesn't bother me at all anymore. The change is a result of now knowing him as him. To be honest for the first few weeks he still largely remained a construct of my imagination. Now I definitely know him, as an individual, and this completely trumps any label.

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  1. Thanks, we like him! It's amazing how much growth he's had in the last two months, especially given he's not even due yet.