Saturday, April 28, 2012

All is good...

I really thought I posted something two days ago, but it turns out that perhaps I'm not the best phone blogger while on mag and I didn't put anything.  So, the short version of it is that we are all doing well.  Chiron has less fluid draining from his ears, Trajan apparently is the toughest, most resilient fella on the planet and was completely unfazed by the anaesthesia, the surgery, the pain, the hospital or anything.  And the girls are both kicking butt and I'm getting the word "stable" applied to me.

Longer version:

Bless the commenter who pointed out that I should get a book about getting the tonsils/adenoids out and talk about it with Trajan.  I did and the book said to think about your kid and the degree to tell him or her and I made the decision that he was the type who wanted to know everything that we knew included how he was be gassed, the kinds of tools that they would use to cut, that it would hurt, etc.  He took one of his stuffed animals with him to the surgery, baby jaguar, and this friend also got to go back with him to surgery (since he needed his tonsils/adenoids out) and I'm told that Trajan did a fantastic job talking baby jaguar through what was going to happen.

This is his surly, presurgery pictury and I don't actually know the story on what the face is for.  He LOVES the hospital socks.  That's baby jaguar beside him.  They happily went back through the doors to surgery by themselves, so we were two for two this week for our kids happily heading back with nurses they didn't know for surger :-).

This is his first post-surgery shot.  He came up from the anaesthesia like a trooper (unlike little brother who fought the world like a tiger and was completely disoriented).  He was in love with these rainbow popsicles.  This is immediately after surgery, so he's still pretty high on the meds, but looking great and already explaining that it just feels like he's got a booboo in his throat and that getting your tonsils out is a good thing.
Pretty much immediately after that my mom (who went with Paul for part of the day, Paul stayed the whole day and night) asked Trajan if he wanted some quiet time.  Trajan agreed and even put the nap mask on and was back asleep in less than a minute.  When he woke up from this nap, he apparently seemed pretty much completely recovered.  So, apparently my apprehension was all for nothing and I should have stuck with the half of me that knows my kid and is frankly time and again amazed by him.  Trajan really is a superhero to me.

Just another example of him explaining things to baby jaguar.  The IV is how you let your blood drink, pretty cool, huh, baby jaguar?  Kid thought that getting to sleep at the surgery center was an awesome treat/trip reward.  And then was discharged the next morning with no events!

Little brother has so far been to see me both days and I dub him my cutest visitor to date:

They both came yesterday and I'm going to need to get things set up with books and toys and all again to make this place a fun visiting spot.  I'm highly confident I know what to do to make Trajan have a positive experience with my being here, but I'm much less confident with Chiron.  Any tips to make a very attachd toddler understand visiting his mom in bed would be appreciated.  So far, he's been very happy to just lay in bed with me, snuggle, read, talk and be.  But I also think that he has a little stomach bug that may be slowing him down.

Trajan is still wearing his surgery socks and his arm band and really enjoyed realizing that I had a hospital band too!
I think my dad probably has some pictures of the boys visiting yesterday when they came with Poppins and my parents, but I was much more focused on enjoying them and the like, so all I've got is that shot that shows he has a band too :-).

I'll have an update on me and the girls sometime in the next few days, but I think I may wait until Tuesday when it sounds like we are going to have more of a conversation about "the plan".  I was just moved from L&D to stable antepartum and am set up there.  This gets me a real bed instead of a delivery bed, the right to short showers and the ability to wear clothes instead of a gown.  It also shifts the girls to getting monitored once a day with an NST rather than the continuous or hourly monitoring that we've been doing.

I did have a conversation with a neonatologist the other day and it went pretty well.  There actually have been some substantial improvements in just the 16 months since Chiron was born.  Still hoping to go much longer, but it's a much rosier picture than the conversation I had at 24 weeks with a neonatologist last time.

Anything you want to know about the uterus of doom?  About the girls?  They've been doing great on monitoring, actually achieving 10 by 10 accels pretty often which is fantastic for 25 weekers and are doing everything we could ask of them. 

That's my ramble, what should I update?


  1. Chiron is SO cute and Trajan is amazing. Little superheroes both. What great boys (and girls) you have. Hang on in there everybody. And mama too.

    Glad that you are out of L&D. Also glad to see Leslie is here, I'd been wondering if you two ladies knew one another!

    Neonatology does seem to progress in leaps and bounds but I'm hoping for something starting with a 3 at the very least. No twenty something weekers around here little ladies please.

  2. Hey girl... I was thinking of you when I had my mag because I did AWFUL! Every single side effect and I honestly thought I was going to go completely out of my mind.. I'll write about it later today. Anyhow glad you and the girls are stable.. and doesn't it feel so much better to have your real clothes on in here instead of hospital gowns!?One of my nurses today told me I look like a totally different person now that I am showered and dressed after my whole mag meltdown.
    Thinking of you!

  3. PS Hi CATH! xo!!! ;o)

  4. Oh, Wiley, this is the best kind of update to read! I'm thrilled everything is going so well with you and the girls, and with your boys, too. What little troopers they are! I loved the pics of Trajan teaching baby jaguar!

    Uterus of crack me up!


  5. Yay for another positive update! Trajan is a rock star patient. I bet the staff were wishing that he could teach other patients how to handle surgery. Love that you helped him understand what would be happening to the point that he was comfortable teaching baby jaguar.

    And boy does Chiron have gorgeous eyes. I am sure you enjoyed cuddling and reading with him.

    Do you anticipate a long term stay in the hospital or do you think you'll be allowed to go home on bed rest or modified bed rest?

    I agree with Catherine W. and hope your girls make it to the 30's in terms of gestation.


  6. Its good to hear from you! I have been thinking about you. Glad to hear everything is going as expected!

  7. So glad you got a book for him! Helped my kiddo, understanding what's coming next is such a huge fear reducer!!

    So glad the girls are still awesome and cooking!!

  8. What a crazy, way too eventful update. I'm glad everyone is doing well and I'm continuing to pray for you, the girls, and your family.

  9. Your boys are adorable! And yay for the girls too! The book suggestions was genius.

  10. SO happy Trajan did so well. YAY ! I'm glad that's a stresser off of your mind.
    Everyone looks great.

    I hated the hospital because EVERY time I'd get to sleep someone would be checking on me, my blood pressure, my temp., the babies. sheesh...can't a girl get some sleep.
    My back KILLED in those stupid beds with the bar across your back.

    I guess what I'm saying is.....PRAYING you get to go home soon.
    Thanks for the update.