Thursday, April 26, 2012

Deja vu, but not

Some aspects of deja vu, but more not than are.

Last afternoon just at the time I was leaving work, I started feeling some cramping. Nothing big, but just enough from keeping me from standing quite all the way up (and for clarity, by late afternoon I mean Monday). Continued on into the evening, but I was originally thinking GI. Went to sleep, but was getting woken up by ten or so with them and so finally talked with the oncall doc that night at one. When she asked what was wrong, my first answer was raving paranoia. We decided she was fine with a plan where I tried to go to sleep and if I could, I'd check in in the morning. Made it to sleep by four, so did so.

Called in and "my nurse" (I'm oddly possessive) went ahead and scheduled me with the same OB who I saw last time while "my OB" (see?) was out on maternity. It was nice because of both familiarity and the fact that she's one of my favorite three of the seven (yes, I've had them all more than once now. I would like to take a moment to point out that I saw two others OBs at all throughout the entire pregnancy and delivery with Trajan and they were both post partum).

She said I was dilated fingertip whereas notes indicates I was completely closed Monday and that I was 30% effaced and soft. Not a big deal and itself, but enough to earn the monitor in office. Which in turn showed enough contractions to earn some monitoring at the hospital. Urgent enough to not go pick anything up or anything, but calm enough that I could drive myself over the two blocks.

She came over at lunch time and said that it did look like I has some irritability going on with contractions every 4-6, but didn't look like a steady pattern of true preterm labor. And she asked if I was good with staying through the afternoon and she'd discharge me at 5:30 or 6.

I actually calmed down during the afternoon contraction wise, so was looking good when she came in at 5:30. Then she did a cervical check. I was a full one and she switched language from discharge to steroids, mag and notifying the nicu.

To be clear, one centimeter in itself is not a big deal, particularly being multiparrous, I think it was the pattern of change plus the 29-weeker that makes it more of a deal. I will try to confirm that with my OB tomorrow.

Good news: mag isn't phasing me at all this time. Last time, on the initial magging at least, I had trouble focusing my eyeballs. No issue this time.

Good news 2: I'm confident with the procedures around here and how to say go to the bathroom disconnecting the three monitors, unplugging IV, unclipping blood pressure cuff, etc.

Good news 3: having the doc that I had today means no foley catheter. She feels it is more an infection risk than any possible advantage, thus the peeing.

Great news: they're both alive. This OB is the one I dub smart but without any much bedside manner and she declared early in the process of starting the mag that we made it further this time. I may have rolled my eyes (yes, 25 beats the hell out of 24, but it's still not what I'd want at all), but I think she missed the greater point, they're both alive. See those two fetal heartbeat lines in the image? Woot!

Crappy news: Trajan is still having his tonsils and adenoids out tomorrow. This honestly makes me almost feel sick. I have always been with him for everything medical and this is going to be hard and I can not be there for him. I couldn't take him on our planned special grocery store tonight. I can't help him come out from anaesthesia. I can't discuss vomiting possibilities with the anaesthesiologist pre surgery. I can't help console him through the first few days. I can't work at getting him to drink sufficient quantities. I can't be there.

My parents are in town, Paul is off and we have Poppins for the weekdays. I know the boys will be fine and don't need me, but that logical thought doesn't help much.

His checkin time is 8:45 this morning, four hours.

New bag of mag going on. Should see my OB sometime in the next day.

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  1. I know first hand how hard it is not to be able to be there for the older child while you deal with pregnancy issues. I am so sorry that you can't be there. I certainly hope you get good news from you doctors... Please keep us posted

  2. Oh, gads. It always has to be something, doesn't it? I'll keep you close in my thoughts and prayers. (And yes, 25 beats the heck out of 24, but it's certainly not what anyone would wish for!)

  3. DAMN !
    I don't know whether I'm more sad about the mag drip or that you can't be there for your sons surgery. ugh. both are terrible.
    I can only imagine how helpless this all feels. Well except being able to take yourself to the bathroom. :) I'm so glad everyone is there and around and helping you through this.

  4. I am directing every single "I wish they'd stay in the womb longer" thought towards you, and I've quite literally spent hundreds of hours of my life wishing that. It is great, fantastic, amazing news that they're both ticking along, but it breaks my heart that you have to carry that fear, and that Aurelia missed out on being raised in such an amazing family. As soon as I get back to Austin I'm going to come and give you an enormous hug (if you don't mind being hugged by online stalkers). Well, I'll take a shower first.

  5. UGH! I had no idea you weren't going to be able to be there for Trajan's surgery. OR that you didn't get to do the awesome grocery trip where he'd get to pick out all sorts of bad-for-you things to eat post-surgery.
    But you know what? He will get through this and he will be great, and strong and just fine in the end. Because his Mommy has let him know over the course of his life that he is able. And that she's always with him. It reminds me of the last bit of Llama Llama Red Pajama (is it bad that my literary references are about talking animal characters who speak in rhymes?) where the mother llama says, "Mama Llama's always near, even if she's not right here."
    So just tell him that, Mama Llama. :-)

    And then you REST and take care of those other two cookies cooking. REST!

  6. I am happy the Mag is not too bad. I was not a fan of it last summer. Hang in there! Your little man will be ok - it's got to be hard to not be with him.

    Take it easy and keep those babies cooking!

  7. It is great to hear that the babies are still doing well and all the other good news in the situation. I am so sorry that you won't be able to be there for Trajan for his surgery. I know that would seriously bum me out no matter the very good reason.

  8. I'm with ya mamma... for different reasons, but still with ya. My mag run is tonight at 9pm. Woot.
    If you are bored we can hospital chat.. well maybe not tonight while our mags are running, but there is always after.
    Hoping for more time for our broods....
    email me if you want my cell :o)

  9. Yuck, sorry. Glad the babies are doing well. Hang in there...

  10. Eek! Good luck, and lots of prayers from my end (if you're not into that sort of thing, consider it good thoughts). Glad the mag isn't too awful this go around - with P. I was just far enough along that I missed out on that experience but I've heard some stories for sure.

  11. Prayers for you, the babies, and Trajan.

  12. Nothing like keeping it interesting :). So thankful the girls are both ALIVE! Praying that the mag does the trick and those girls get at least 9-11 more weeks in their cozy uterine home.

    Sorry you couldn't be with Trajan. Hopefully friends and family kept you posted on how he did. Hope you're all home together resting up together as Trajan's two sisters continue thriving and growing within you.