Monday, April 30, 2012

No news news

No news is the best kind of news, right?  Still hanging out at the Seton Spa and Resort, but am now ensconced in stable antepartum care.  I saw my OB this morning and the plan is to evaluate Thursday.  I was supposed to have my weekly growth/modified BPP scan today, but the perinatologist shifted it to tomorrow.  If that is good, plus I look good on a cervical exam which my OB does on Thursday and I can commit that I can adhere to real bedrest at home, then I will be discharged Thursday.  If any of these three conditions are not true, then I stay here.

Right now I'm trying to keep an open mind to either outcome.  Being honest, I'd rather be at home.  I really think between having Paul and Poppins, I should be able to be a good bedrester (and my mom is here for right now, but she has responsibilities out of town, so trying to plan without relying on her) and this would let me see the boys.  And bedrest is much better with dogs than without!

There are nice features of hospital bedrest as well though.  In particular, visitors!  I think people are more comfortable dropping by the hospital than a house, so I get to see more folks which definitely helps the mood.

I luckily am able to work full-time from either the hospital or the house which I think is crucial to my good spirits.  The house is a mile from the office while the hospital is 15 minutes or so, so the house would be a little more convenient to the poor soul whose job includes running me files, but she is a very good sport, so I'm sure she's happy to do either way.  I am not having Paul bring my hospital printer up here to get setup in advance of Thursday.  If they keep me Thursday, then I'll have him set it up.

It's odd being back in antepartum because I know the nurses and staff so well, but it is a nice familiarity and there is real sanity benefit in getting an NST every day and fetal heart tones every night.

It should be obvious from these last few paragraphs that I have no clear preference between being kept for the duration and being discharged.  I think the real truth is I'm on board with whatever the OB and the perinatologist believe is best for the girls.  If I could keep them out of the NICU for one week by being in a bed with my head slanted towards for the floor for a month, that would be more than a fair trade.  Seriously, it is so much easier to be the patient than to watch your child as the tiny patient.  Any hour we can decrease their stay in the NICU by is honestly an hour that's not just better for them, but for our entire family.  So, stay put girls.

The boys basically come here to eat and read books.  And Trajan likes to adjust all the bed buttons.  And there's unlimited pudding.  What's not to like?


  1. You have such a great attitude about everything, puts me to shame! I wish my house had unlimited pudding....or any pudding. :)

  2. How did I miss you were in the hospital?!!

    Sending good thoughts your way. Many, many hug!

  3. No news is good news. Thank you for updating us!
    Love your attitude about ultimately choosing the route that is best for those girls.
    It's awesome that you can work from home or from the hospital.

  4. And there's unlimited pudding...
    Child heaven.
    Stay well, baby girls. And Mama. And sweet boys. And Daddy and Poppins, too, for good measure!

  5. I would totally rather be in the hospital, but my hospital has awesome food and amazing chocolate pudding. And cable!

    Good luck!

  6. I agree that bedrest is better with Dogs! I hope that the girls stay put for a while longer wherever you are! It's really nice that you can continue to work! That must help pass the day. Keep us updated on everything!

  7. doing great. keep up the hard work.

  8. If you can go home that would be great, because nothing beats home. But, would you be more apt to getting up vs really sticking to bedrest?

  9. Your positive attitude is so inspiring! And it is probably doing wonders for you and those girls, healthwise. I still can't believe you managed to get yourself back in the hospital! I swear, when this is all over, and you have a free minute (HA!!) you need to write a book about surviving hospital stays. Kinda like a travel book, with tips, what to expect, things to do while on bedrest, etc. I'd buy it! P.S. Something to consider, if you go home, you will really have to stay in the bed. From what little I've read about you, busy lady, I think that'll prove challenging. Is Paul the kind to put the smackdown on you? (Figuratively, of course.) You might need a little tough love from an enforcer-type! My husband's not good at the enforcing thing. He's a very sweet, very handsome enabler and lets me shove all sorts of sugary/carby things in my mouth. So I did much better watching my blood sugars in the hospital than I did/do at home. But you might be better at doing your OWN enforcing. :-) If so, then yes! Get outta there! Go home! Get started on that book!