Monday, March 7, 2011

160 Medical Professionals Baby

A friend called Chiron the million dollar baby the other day (I think it's actually just in the 900Ks), but I don't think that is the number that best tells the story of his birth. I prefer:

9 obstetricians
3 perinatologists
30 antepartum nurses
14 labor and delivery nurses
1 anesthesiologist
15 clinical assistants
1 postpartum nurse (had had all the others as antepartum)
12 neonatal nurse practitioners
6 neonatologists
45 neonatal nurses
4 neonatal clinical assistants
3 radiology techs
7 respiratory therapists
4 occupational/physical/lactation types
1 pediatric opthamologist
1 hearing test technician
4 chaplains and social workers
160 itemized

Another few dozen stocking, housekeeping, food services (including the amazing Priscilla), pharmacists, lab techs and physical plants types.

And just as critical, approximately 200 friends and family providing all kind of support and help.

[if we add the thoughts and prayers, I know it is in the thousands from friends' prayer circles, lets say 3000?]

So, instead of the million-dollar baby, I propose the 160 medical professional baby or the 3,396 plus "village" baby.

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