Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tooth fairy and death

I went to pick Trajan up from school to take him to the dentist. He was in the lunchroom and since we had a little time, I sat with him. On hearing that Trajan was going to the dentist, one of his friends volunteered that his sister had lost a tooth and the tooth fairy had brought her a dollar.

Trajan's response? My sister died. He then proceeded to explain the concept of an umbilical cord to his friend.

This played into a thought I had yesterday. He will never have the luxury of assuming a pregnancy will be fine. It seems unfair somehow.

Oddly, I don't have the same thought about Chiron. Yes, intellectually he will know babies can die, but he didn't actually live it.

Also oddly, I sometimes worry about him making other people uncomfortable talking about Aurelia. Intellectually, I think that's their problem and I care much more about his processing and understanding, but it still seems awkward to me at times.

Ok, now to watch the cleaning. "the chair is so soft and nice!"

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