Friday, March 4, 2011

"Bite Me"

Trajan has been bitten reasonable regularly since he was about six months old, apparently he bears a sign saying "Bite Me" somewhere that only kids can see.

 At his first daycare, the kid he played with the most bit him about daily from around six months to two years.  It was to the point that the daycare basically asked us if we were okay with the other kid remaining enrolled.  He never bit hard and Trajan loved him, so our answer was yes.  He got bit by some other kids, but on more of an occasional basis.

Then we moved on to the spanish immersion preschool when he turned two.  He didn't have one regular biter there, but a number of kids who bit him when they went through a developmental phase.  "I'm considering biting someone, you look good!"  There were a couple times that he provoked the biting by grabbing a toy, but typically the teachers could not give us a good explanation for why it happened or what he was doing to provoke it.

I say he hasn't ever bitten anyone, but that's not true. He bit Paul on the shoulder about a year ago and just two weeks ago did this number on my arm through a sweatshirt.

He immediately released my arm, said he was sorry and then began to sob something to the effect of "my teeth did it!"  I barked, "no, sir!"  I figure for the range of possible reactions, that wasn't too bad! This picture was four or five days after the event.

What provoked this post is the new kid who was added to their class in October or so has taken to beating Trajan up.  It started with a scratching to the face that left him with a cool sword fight type cut under the eye.  Then last night I made him take off his shirt before drinking some hot chocolate and was shocked to see I substantial blue bruise between his shoulder blades in a perfect bite shape.  It was this kid again.  This kid is at least 3.5.  Am I wrong in thinking this should not be happening?  I don't care what he did (in the past when I've asked about events with this kid I've been told they were unprovoked, so I tend to believe Trajan's version).

We have a teacher conference next week (we missed the one for last trimester because we were at the peri getting the fetal demise diagnosis instead) and I'm thinking this is something that should be addressed. I know for privacy reasons, they can't acknowledge that it is this kid who keeps injuring Trajan, but they should still be able to deal with it, right?

And for a last "moment of zen", the joy of a boy and a dirt pile (we are getting sod and some other landscaping work):

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