Thursday, March 10, 2011

Random Short Thoughts

  • I heart Trixie Tracker.  Main reason is for the pump logging, but the sleep and intake/output logs are definitely useful as well. There are definitely some things they could do to improve and clean it up, but it's good enough to justify my use already (even after the free trial ended!).

  • What's the likelihood that both the delivering obstetrician (my actual one :-) ) and the last antepartum nurse that I had (who administered the last Terb protocol because L&D was full) would both be named Felicia?

  • My phone is back to correcting og to of instead of OG and this makes me smile.

  • Chiron's appearance no longer hints towards an alien chimpanzee and really not even so much a chimpanzee at all anymore.  He was cute as heck, but definitely open for a bit of humor.

  • I was looking at the few posts here and it seems disproportionately shifted towards Aurelia.  That's not because it's the focus of our lives, but because she does only exist in our minds.  The boys are a part of our every day.  That said, I'm working on something as a followup to a conversation with a friend that is Aurelia based.

  • On that note, I was told to guard myself against twins, but they haven't ever bothered me.  Saw a bunch in the NICU and seem to see them nearly daily.  I would say I'm more cognizant of them, but not bothered.  However, this did upset me a bit, proving that I'm totally random.  Just a moment of pause, but enough that I noticed it.  They are cute as heck though, so go look.  These lions were born the day after Chiron and Aurelia.

  • Wonder if there is any developmental effect on Trajan of all his work with breast milk.  How many 3.5-year-olds can assemble a breast flange including the membrane and getting the tubing in?  Know the location on a breast milk storage container where the NICU likes the label to be placed?  Practice their counting by putting 20 containers into each bag for breastmilk drop-offs to the milk bank?  He really is helpful though and it is great because it gives us something to work on together that also gets something that needs to be accomplished done.

  • I really want breast milk to be one word instead of two.

  • How does my boss magically know just when I have hooked up the breastpump two minutes before?  And then I can't bring myself to bother to set up again, so just stick with the partial pump.  Oh well.

  • Maybe I should be worried about my development instead of Trajan's considering how much time I spend thinking about breast milk!

  • On a final random breast milk note, Chiron actually ate enough at the breast yesterday to need no top off and to leave over a 100 mL deficit in my pumping on that side!  Woot :-)

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