Monday, December 5, 2011

Donkey Terrors

I had the most vivid and disturbing dream of my life last night.  It’s pretty twisted, so you might should stop reading.

The dream started with grass with some sort of pathway through it and an occasional donkey.  There was a sign or something that indicated that “they were doing good” and the sentiment was that we should appreciate the positiveness of the use of donkeys to maintain the roadside and eat the grass.

Then there started to be an occasional poop.  We were stepping around them.  Then it got harder and harder to step around the poop as the pathway became more cluttered.  Then there was a donkey who had succumbed to the environment and so was lying on the ground with open bowels.  And there was so much poop you could not avoid it now.  It was more or less wading through poop now.  Then there started to be people who had fallen to the poop or the donkeys or something else along the pathway and they were reaching out and trying to grab us. 

I woke up and I was legitimately distressed.  Like I was nauseous, that’s how distressed I was.  Was so disturbed and impacted by the vividness and detail of this dream that I felt the need to tell Facebook.  The post from 12:33 am was:

Worst, most vivid dream ever.  Let’s just say donkey poop leading to donkey carnage and zombie destructive forces and just fields of destruction, poop and carnage of the living dead donkeys.

Those of us who were walking the trail I believe may have been some sort of civic servants or otherwise supposed to be involved in identifying innovative and positive projects.  And there was no way out of the trail once you got into it.  And there was color and detail and I'm shuddering right now.

A couple of friends at work actually remembered that we had discussed donkey poop at lunch on Friday, so perhaps this is where it came from?

But seriously, I do not approve.

[And Lesley, I told you to stop reading.]


  1. That is one terrifying dream. I do not approve either. I hope I don't have it tonight as now I'm thinking of donkey poop!

    How come you ended up having a conversation about donkey poop over lunch on Friday btw?!

  2. One coworker had bought chocolate while she was out buying lunch, but another coworker was on a diet and so didn't want to hear about it. So somehow we started referring to chocolate as poop to make it unappealing. That led to the obvious question of what kind of poop, donkey poop. Because donkey's are Christmasy. Which led to the discussion of other Christmasy poops -- and that turned into characters from the twelve days of christmas.

    Lords a leaping poop and maids a milking poop might lead to an even worse dream.

  3. Maybe it was a dream about the Law of Unintended Consequences? Once you start something, you start SO many other things. I firmly believe in being a good steward of those things entrusted to me, but to waste time and effort mandating conservation and ethical policy is wrong to me.
    Obviously, I am not a clinical psychologist- It's just a thought. :)