Thursday, December 22, 2011


So, I've been in a medical facility at least once a week since the week of September 6, 2010. This is counting appointments for myself, for Chiron (the bulk) and Trajan.

Last week was supposed to be the first week without anything, so what happened? Turned up pregnant the Thursday and so had an appointment added that week.

So, I saw a doctor last week. But, she released me for two weeks, so no appointment this week! AND, we are out of town the entire week, so an appointment seemed very unlikely. What happened, you ask?

I was up urinating a lot last night. And then I just really kind of felt crappy. Called the OB's office and they told me to go to urgent care. Didn't even recognize that this was going to ruin my off week at the time. Went in and it's a likely UTI. I actually had a fever when they took it there which surprised me. The urinalysis actually didn't look too bad though, so we decided to delay any antibiotics until results come back from a urine culture since we are in organ formation and our antibiotic choices are limited by my anaphylactic allergies.

I'm actually already feeling a bit better, so I'm hopeful that some rest and hydration will help me kick whatever is going on.

But.... Chiron has his one-year well visit, a developmental pediatrician follow up, a gastroenterologist appointment, skin testing and an allergist appointment over the first four weeks of January and I have an obstetrician appointment next week, so this means that February is the next week I might go without a medical appointment!

Also, it's Chiron's birthday tomorrow and I was hopeful that I'd write something up, but if I'm still feeling puny, I'll likely conserve my reserves for the celebrating and hold off my documentation until next week after Christmas.

Just in case, happy Chiron's birthday and merry Christmas!

I got you this baby in a box!

Oh, and I've never had a UTI in my life, so I'm really suspicious of a conspiring universe.

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  1. Hoping that fluids and rest make you feel much better, and that this situation is resolved quickly. And - of course - Happy Birthday, Sweet Chiron!

  2. UTIs suck! I had a zillion of 'em when I was carrying the boys, (but only one with Curve Ball, go figure) so I am a UTI pro. Glad to hear it wasn't as bad as you thought, though. And glad everything is still cookin'!
    Happy Birthday, Chiron!! And Merry Christmas to you and all your sweeties!

  3. Just had the strongest urge to come over and check on you. Pray you are feeling better by now. I am sorry you are going through so much.
    Happy Birthday Dear Chiron!!

  4. Hope you are feeling better and had a wonderful birthday and holiday time with your sweet family.