Monday, December 5, 2011

A good weekend

Simple title, but true.  The two boys and I headed up to Dallas for the weekend and spent time with my parents, brother, sister-in-law and their kids (plus one of my aunts) and it was good.  I always worry that with running up for just the weekend the drive there and back are going to make the trip not really worth it, but totally not the case this time.

We went to the Dallas Children's Parade and despite some borderline rain, the sky was "spitting", it was a great time.

Much playing and joy was had during the parade and after.  We then finished the day up with a trip to visit Santa Claus!

All the kids were great and Santa was great, so it was just good.

And Trajan got to be a sheep in a Christmas pageant at church in Dallas which he liked.  Then we ate again and headed home.  We got to the house in time to change Chiron's clothes, run to the bathroom and then go to a baby shower for the boy's third cousin who should be born in the next month!

And to add one more bit of awesomeness to a great weekend, Chiron had an appointment with the allergist this morning to discuss food allergies/sensitivities and guess who weighed 17 lb?

It is amazing the changes that Chiron has had over the last few weeks as we've finally got his nutritional status improved to the level it needs to be.  He finally has mastered rolling back to stomach, can clap, can pull himself up, can repeat some sounds you say at him and more.  I objected to the label Failure to Thrive before, but now I think it really makes sense, he didn't have the nutritional status that he needed to even grow, so he really couldn't develop as he needed to.  Hoping this improved trend keeps continuing on!

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  1. It must be sooooo gratifying to see your baby developing and gowing! I'm so happy things are on the upswing. Grow, Chiron, grow!!
    P.S. Your boys have such great smiles! They really do. But pouty-face Chiron is my favorite. I love the Santa pics for that! Especially the one where he has his little hand outstretched in a questioning pose, like, "Mom, what the heck? How many of these pictures do we gotta take with this guy? Geesh."