Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Badass and a bag of chips

I might be setting my expectations too high, but that's the description I'm expecting the developmental pediatrician to use for Chiron on Friday.

In the last month and a half, he's gone from not sitting on his own to sitting, crawling, cruising, pulling up and standing in his crib. Really talking up a lot with at least a dozen consonant sounds and all the vowels.

YouTube Video

Found this on my dad's phone from a week or two ago and I think it does a good job of summing up how good he looks.

He had his one-year with his normal pediatrician today and she was so impressed with him that literally every nurse came in to say hi and look at him! And in more good news, he is on the chart for length now at 28.25 inches!

He's at 17.5 pounds or 8 kilo, so not on the chart yet there, but he is at least gaining. He even seems to be getting a bit closer to the bottom curve. And his head is even more ginormous at over 49 centimeters or 19.5 inches. But as the doc and I talked about today, we really have looked at his brain all possible ways and it really does seem the case that baby's just got a big old head!

He has his skin testing on the 17th and I'm hopeful we will get to start adding some of the banned foods into his diet after that since his blood food allergy tests (RASTs) all came back great. He has a gastroenterology appointment on the 23rd, so really hoping between those two we will get a plan in action.

The boy's primary who Chiron saw today says that I do need to talk to their gastroenterologist to see if he wants me to adjust my diet at all at this time now that both boys have had protein intolerance issues to try to give these two a better chance.

I need to write about obstetrical progress, my sanity, my $30 leap of faith, my murderous breast milk and more, but that's for another day. For now, my focus is that Chiron is badass and a bag of chips!

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  1. Badass and a bag of chips...I love it! May have to borrow it, too! ;)

    And so awesome to hear Chiron has made so many strides recently.

    Happy New Year! Hoping it's a year filled with many continued blessings for you and your family. :) :)

  2. I remember when the Babby wasn't on the chart. Now she seems huge by comparison!

  3. THAT is some cool baby boy moves. Nice job Chiron.

  4. That is sooo cool!! That boy has made like light years' worth of progress in about 10 minutes! He is TOTALLY badass! A big family-sized bag of salt 'n vinegar chips!

  5. Yay! Go Chiron! That is some speedy progress. Badbass AND a bag of chips.