Monday, January 23, 2012

Chunky Monkey and I'm still a genius!

Chiron had a followup with his gastroenterologist and his rock star status was cemented.  He is at 8.33 kg!  That's 18lb, 6oz for you imperial unit users.  His doctor was really impressed with his growth and that his development was catching up from his failure-to-thrive days.  He actually downgraded his malnutrition status to mild!  And perhaps the most impressive thing is he scheduled him for a FOUR MONTH followup.  Yes, this is the kid who was seeing the gastroenterologist every week to two weeks for months.
And why do I say I'm a genius?  Well, Chiron was supposed to have a recheck at his primary for his ear infection on Friday and I got her gastro to look at them and since he said they looked great I was able to cancel that appointment and save me from a fifth doctors appointment this week.

We did stuff him full of food this weekend to help get that weight up including his first hamburger and his first turkey sandwich.  Kid was a FAN of bread:

In related news, I've had a medical appointment with someone every single week since at least the first week of September 2010 (I need to go check the months before that to see exactly when).  Literally every single week for at least 17 months now.  Next week as of right now has ZERO appointments on it.  I considered not even writing this to not tempt fate, but decided I'm not that superstitious.  So, if all goes well, I will not see a single medical professional next week professionally!

I didn't get any shots of Chiron today, but here's his doughboy impression from this weekend:

You can also see my mysterious facial rash breakout thing.  I've been going with ignoring it besides doing a good job of cleaning and moisturizing it, but it seems to be spreading and so considering consulting with a dermatologist since it is a bit disturbing.

Also, evidence that Chiron really does seem to love his brother's affection regardless of the degree of energy that it comes with:

And I like his response to grocery shopping:
He just hit 28 inches, so we're going to have to move him out of the infant car seat within the next month or so!

(Oh, and had OB appointment this morning and all is well, but going to wait until after the perinatologist tomorrow to write anything to cut down on the redundancy)


  1. Ah, the long skinny baby in the infant seat. We used the infant seat until the Babby was roughly 18 months old - which made it easier for me to take her to Florida by myself since I could at least hoist her around. By that time, her head was as high as it could go.

  2. He's such a sweet thing. That face OMG it melts me !

    You know....they can see the sexes now. Lets get those girls confirmed ! alrighty ?

  3. The perinatologist that I'm seeing this morning said Trajan was almost certainly a boy at 12 weeks, that Chiron was likely a boy at 12 and couldn't even venture a guess on Aurelia.

    So, guessing it will likely be another four weeks!

  4. Wow -- and I was complaining yesterday about having to go to the peri twice a week for fetal monitoring, the OB every other week and the actual peri (not the techs) in between all that.
    Now that I have read this post, I will shut my mouth. Thank you very much.

    Also -- YAY for Chiron!! LOVE that he was eating a burger. LOL! He moves fast!

  5. I swear we have been to some type of doctor every week for a long time, as well. Glad you received good news!