Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Eating ad nauseum

Ad nauseum roughly means to the point of nausea, right?

So, my purpose in writing this post is hoping that you, the wise elders of the internet, can identify a gap or something in my eating schedule and help with some weight packing on.  As I alluded to in my last post, I'm needing to work on my weight gain.

With twins, the powers that be dictate that they want you to have gained twenty pounds by twenty weeks.  Didn't pull this off at all last time, particularly as I lost almost twenty pounds with two GI bugs at 15-17 weeks, but am really trying to play things by the book this time.  So, you may be asking, how much are you up now?  One pound according to one doctor and two according to the other.  And this is at 12 weeks and change, so I need to gain 2.5 pounds each week to hope to make it by twenty.

Current eating schedule:
One of the Boost Plus recommended protein things plus a yogurt and some of whatever the boys are eating around 6:45 along with my 14 vitamin and minerals
A breakfast at 7:45 or 8 consisting of brisket tacos, cheesesteaks, chicken sandwiches or something similar
Snack around 9:30 that is often cheese and crackers
First lunch at 11
Second lunch at 1 and both lunches are full meals
Try to plan some leftovers from dinner or one of the lunches for about 3
Dinner at 5:45 or so at the house
Put Chiron down and come down every night to a smoothie that Paul has made with protein powder in it. 
Often another snack late as well as typically eating at least once during the night

So, what else should I be doing?  I've even added some eggs, which I am NOT a fan of since Barbara Luke is such a fan of them.  I've tried adding quantity such as taking a cheeseburger up from two patties to three and that's not enough.  So, experienced folks, what do you have for me?  I've been keeping a pretty good protein emphasis in line with "the book", but should I perhaps try more carbs for a weight effect?

Chiron's weight was fantastic at 29&6, so I think I did a good enough job last time and I know I'm making even more of a conscious effort this time, so I'm not greatly concerned, but I would love to see that weight jumping up a few pounds.  But again on the flip side, Aurelia was dead, so perhaps doing things different is something I should really concentrate on.

Also, anyone have any good during the night food ideas?  I really feel this is where I could be putting more calories into my day, but it's just a hassle.  Last time I mainly did protein bars at this time.  This time I've been just doing things like nuts, triscuits, dried fruit and other easy to just have in the drawer foods.  There is a fridge in Chiron's room, so I could put more of the Boost Plus things up there, but those disturb me as primarily corn syrup despite being sworn to in lots of twin resources.

And I think I may love cheesesteaks more than any other food on this planet.  Last time it was gyros, but this love is more convenient as there are close options including one that starts serving cheesesteaks at eight am!

P.S. I had weight gain problems with Trajan as well.  So, I'm definitely not a pro at the gaining weight while pregnant game even with a singleton metabolic issues.


  1. I won't ....but I could eat a million frozen banana slices spread with a dab of peanut butter and then dipped in melted chocolate.

    Cut up a nice banana into slices, dab on some peanut butter, dip in melted chocolate and then freeze. Seems somewhat healthy, but also lots of calories from the peanut butter and chocolate.

    Or from a healthy standpoint, don't they say things like Avocado and Sour Cream are easy to add to other dishes and add calories?

    You know what Homer Simpson would say....time to start making PopTart sandwhiches!

  2. I drank a lot of whole milk, a lot of milkshakes, and a lot of snickers. I couldn't stomach anything grilled or smokey (burgers or chicken or bacon) but fried was fine.

    I wonder why I'm still carrying around 20 lbs of baby weight now?!?

  3. This is where I probably have to confess that I was 23 the first time I had peanut butter and only had it then because Paul thought it was freakish that I'd never tasted it and so insisted on it. It's fine, but just still kind of weirds me out. Perhaps I'll experiment with doing it with nutella.

    I wish it was this hard to gain weight in normal life!

  4. Oh good ! So you're following Barbara Lukes when you're having twins etc.
    I ate ANYTHING and everything. I know. I wish I could go back now and try healthier options ;-)
    I think your snacks need to be bumped up. Try adding nuts. Maybe almonds and apples and cheese with your crackers.
    I drank ensures sometimes because I just couldn't eat. Closer to the end, but still.
    It's so hard because all of a sudden you CAN eat....but nothing really sounds good.
    Eat Mexican food and pasta and chinese. Eat ANYTHING GIRL ! DO it for those of us that can't. Do it for those of us who shouldn't :)
    I remember being told not to gain anymore weight with twins. I had Barbara Lukes book and just smiled and nodded at the doctors. And then of course ate a big mac combo meal super sized on my way home !

    SHIT. now I'm hungry and it's 10 o'clock. GREAT !

  5. With our dairy and soy free kid who needed to gain weight, we added lots of healthy fat calories. Bet those wouldn't hurt you any, either. Coconut oil spread on toast. Flax seed oil added to smoothies. Avocados. Egg yolks scrambled. Then, lots of good proteins like quinoa, beans, Greek yogurt (a no for dairy free, but good otherwise). Saute your veggies in olive oil, add a little more to your salads, etc. Also, if you can try hemp milk, which has a protein and fat content, as an alterna to dairy.

  6. Ahh, yes, the 20 by 20...I kept a chart sof daily calories and protein. The protein shakes were great for getting in lots of protein all at once, but I didnt like them much until I found a local smoothie place. You know what's missing from your list? Ice cream! High calories and protein to boot. Great nighttime snack... I would get them from fast food places on occasion, you know, cause its the only time in a woman's life when that is actually ok!

    But here's the thing; That book freaked me the hell out. I was a basket case because of that damn book. I followed all her suggestions and still had my babies early. Just take care of yourself and try to stay positive.

  7. I got nothin'. I wasn't a very good weight gainer with pregnancy, either. The amount of food you're eating now would probably boost me to 1,000 pounds, even when pregnant. You must be STUFFED!

  8. Breakfast -- Buttermilk pancakes and fried apples. Grits with butter and cheese. Home-fried potatoes. Thick biscuits with butter and gravy.
    Lunch -- All that protein you love so much and add French fries or mashed potatoes.
    Dinner -- Same. You really need to bump up your carbs.
    Snacks -- Way too healthy. Well, they SHOULD be healthy, but you should throw in some unhealthy stuff too. Brownies, my dear, with ice cream and hot fudge. Pound cake, with sliced strawberries and whipped cream. Tapioca pudding. Oh man...Yummm.
    I wish I had your issues. I would be in HOG HEAVEN!
    Speaking of hog -- throw some bacon in there with your Southern breakfast. It's only for a short period of time. After Cutie and Sweetie are born, you can go back to be ultra-healthy.

  9. chocolate chocolate chocolate! I didn't see any chocolate in that list and it's a must......well for me anyway......... :)

  10. When I was pregnant with my twins, I drank at least one milkshake a day. I made them at home if possible and added protein powder and bananas (and oreos, chocolate syrup, strawberries, blueberries - oh the possiblities).

  11. Certainly cannot help you here. I was on the opposite end of the spectrum. Dr's always telling me I was packing it on to quickly. I think 35 years later, I am still carrying my last child's gain. Just be healthy. Eat foods you like and like Janet and Tanika says throw in some chocolate and bacon. Maybe not together, but I did eat some chocolate bacon at the fair in Alaska this summer. Interesting combo. Not saying good, just interesting:)

  12. Just finding my way over to your blog from Cath's. I am in the same boat.. mum to 4- three who hold my hand and one who will forever hold my heart- and now expecting twins (via IVF). I am 15 weeks and need to get going on this weight gain.. I am not there yet either.
    Looking forward to following along- thinking of your sweet Aurelia as well.