Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I'm not to the point of tackling them yet, but thinking I should consider an intentional series of blog posts (I know, goes completely against everything I've done to date) considering logistics as we move towards potentially adding these additional two kids.  There's a whole range of topics, and I think writing them out would make me think about them and consider things so we are better able to take action when we reach a point that action should be taken.

Possible topics include:
  • Car - logistics and safety
  • Housing - where is everyone going, can we preserve guest bedroom for a while, is it possible to start out with just rock 'n plays and then move, etc.
  • School for Trajan
  • Childcare - HUGE area to consider
  • Breastfeeding
  • Names (oh my)
  • Sleep
  • My necessary work travel
  • Work - I MUST clean my office, and get the technical issues that are preventing VPN fixed, and set up the printer and work station at the house with the hospital table and all that...
  • Hospital run logistics
  • Handling transportation other than just car (i.e. stroller?)
  • Money
  • Spousal relationship survival

Then there are some that I feel like worrying too much about in advance wouldn't really do us much good and would definitely have some negative, so why not just ignore for now?  These are such things as restrictions and/or bedrest and how we would manage that (one that the OB has already mentioned is it's possible the perinatologist will ban me from lifting Chiron at all at some point.  Um, how does one do that?).  Fetal death and/or prematurity.

There definitely is a balance between being prepared and getting ahead of yourself.  For example, I really don't think working on four names now is in our best interest.  We are better off holding off until we know genders and they are further along.  There are some things that I figure it is perfectly fine to work on at any time.  These are the things that are beneficial to our family whether we end up with two babies, one baby or none, such as decluttering, organizing and getting more efficient household systems in order.

What other logistics should I be putting on my list to potentially consider if I get my butt in gear?

And to finish my thoughts, here's the most intense baby ever:
We went to a kids show Sunday morning with friends and he stayed in this transfixed state the entire time.

Big brother?  Well he really liked getting ON the stage after:

Oh yeah, that reminds me of another logistic: preserving these two boys' awesome relationship. 


    And all of it exciting (since it isn't our list any longer!) wishes! We'll be reading and happy to offer any advice we can.

  2. I agree that waiting on baby names until genders are revealed would be benefitial to your mental health. Why come up with 4 baby names when you will only need 2 in the end.

    Something you really need to think about now is daily routine. You have two babies growing inside you and soon, the daily routine will have to change to accommodate that huge belly you'll be sporting. Instead of stressing Chiron and Trajan out when you suddenly can't do everything you did before, start a gradually process. For instance, there will be a point when you wont be able to get Chiron out of the tub safely. Think about having to lean over, pick that little guy up, and stand while having all of your weight (and mommentum) in the front half of you body. Your back will be killing you! So instead, start transitioning that to Paul.

    Of course that's just one example (maybe Paul already does bath time) but transitioning the kids to a different routine now will save you headaches and exhaustion when you have to change it later.

    That's my two cents (coming from someone with only one child and really doesn't know anything about multiples).

  3. I totally agree with Karin B. I would also say that figuring out the house-logistics is also a good thing to prioritize because we found that re-organizing the sleeping/living situation to accommodate just one more baby proved to be more complicated than we thought. There was a domino effect we hadn't planned for that stretched out the rearranging of beds and rooms, etc. over the course of several weekends. For example, we decided to move the boys into the guest room and give the baby the nursery. That meant getting rid of guest room furniture. Where should it go? When should we start packing stuff up? Where will all the other miscellaneous stuff we have in the guest room live now? Etc., etc....I don't think you have to do this NOW, of course, but I'd put it up sorta high on the list of things to think about. I also understand your confusion as to how on earth you can get by with not picking up Chiron. But if your doctor tells you not to, then I think you will need to heed that. One friend of mine who got put on bedrest because of a wacky cervix had to teach her very small toddler to climb up on things to reach her on the bed or on the couch. She said she made a game out of it and her daughter loved it. Also, I can tell you that I have a REALLY hard time picking up my boys now and I frequently have to tell them, "No, Mommy can't pick you up right now. Mommy's tummy is in the way." Then I lift my shirt and point to my belly and say something like, "Look at Mommy's big ole tummy!! It's HUMUNGOUS." And then they laugh. I don't know if they understand, really, but it distracts them long enough for me to move out of the line of fire. Plus, it encourages them to be more independent and to realize that then can get around on their own if they need to, without Mommy's help. I figure this is good training for when Curve Ball comes, because she is going to Occupy Mommy's Arms, and they're going to have to get over it. (Poor little sweeties.)

  4. I think you can prepare and prepare and then it all just seems to fall into place.
    I had 2 year old twins and was a big ol bed rest pregnant lady with twins. You just make it work :)

    Oh and I would KILL for a kid who would sit still through an entire show. Let alone quietly.

  5. You have a great list so far, and unfortunately you can't plan for everything.

    I would definitely work on figuring out the logistics of the house sooner than later, so that in case you do get put on bedrest you won't be able to assist.

    I don't know your friend/family situation, but maybe there are people who can help if you do get put on bedrest.

    I was put on bedrest with both pregnancies. When preg with the twins, I had a toddler (they are a whopping 17 months a part) and had to have my husband sent home from Iraq to help, but he still wasn't able to be home 24/7. Stock up on toys that the little ones can play with on their own if need be.

  6. Hi - I just wrote a big long comment and lost my internet connection. ARGH! But what I was saying is that I'm a new follower - found you via HDYDI, which was a huge help to me with my surprise twins.

    My advice to you is to really focus on taking care of yourself right now. I spent my entire pregnancy worrying about everything. You have a huge advantage in that you've done this before (babies, not twins). But your big disadvantage is that with singletons, you have a bit more control. With twins, that goes out the window. You have to learn to fly by the seat of your pants. But as KJ&the kids said, it all falls into place!