Monday, January 9, 2012

They're Alive!

One with a heartbeat in the 150s and one with a heartbeat in the 160s.  One measures 9w5d and one measures 9w4d.  There being so similar in size in all four ultrasounds and staying so is a really good thing.

The shot of the ultrasound might be odd to you, but this is my friend the quickie ultrasound.  Since you can't distinguish between the heartbeats of two babies, my practice does a quick ultrasound each appointment to confirm cardiac activity. 

Next appointment is in 2 weeks and also going in for first appointment with the perinatologist around that time.  My OB actually offered me either 2 or 4 weeks.  I said 2 and then said that perhaps 4 would work since I was seeing the perinatologist, but she said I might as well just do the 2. Blood pressure is improving in their office as well, was only 135/78 this time!

Now for a real leap of faith, I think I need to tell my boss.

I actually do not have an impessive bump at this time, contrary to popular belief regarding back to back twin pregnancies.  But, I still think it likely will look comical at some point with Chiron's diminuitive size.

Here's baseline:

Some pudge, but not bump per se.  Oh, and this is about 8 weeks pregnant on the last set of twins.  I do NOT have any pre-pregnancy shots at all this time, since this is a bit of a surprise. 

Here's almost 22 weeks pregnant with twins last time:

And here I was this time at 8 and a half (this was December 30):

The nurse noted this morning that I'm out of the pelvic girdle as a uterus already, so I think my uterus is on a rubber band.

I'll try to remember to take a shot in the next day or two just for giggles.  I'm guessing it'll be at least another month before will qualify as a bump.

Also, aren't we all proud of myself for being willing to consider a month from now?  And I was flatout assuming they'd be alive, I really think I've made great mental progress.  I know I've been mainly mocking it, but I think I really am coming more to terms with things.  The only bad side of that is once I really get my mind wrapped around the pregnancy, I'll have to start thinking much more about logistics.

One last OB note: she also told me today that 37 weeks is the farthest out that we are willing to consider.  In my head, I already knew this, but was thinking 38 or even 38 and change where she said 37 is the farthest.  She did follow it up with "even if a bit earlier than that, we will still be a lot past 29!"  It's such a hard balance between the safety of removing them and the risks of gestating outside of the uterus.  But twin pregnancies have a bad rap for cords and placentas anyway, so I think I'm ok with this idea of early even if it ends up meaning some NICU time for babies who appeared to be doing find in-utero.  Also, she hasn't said it (in fact she said she'd call it 50/50), but I feel pretty certain I'm earning myself another c-section.


  1. YAY! I'm so happy for you guys!! Your posts are making me miss the gigantic emotional explosion (relief/excitement/love for a grainy, b&w gummy bearish figure) that was seeing a baby on the u/s.

  2. Congratulations!!!! I know it's a huge leap of faith to allow yourself to think positively, especially when you've had the experiences you've had in the past. Hoping you have a happy and healthy pregnancy!!

  3. I love it.
    You are TOO skinny. I can't imagine looking like that being pregnant with twins. Your 22 week belly with twins looks itty bitty.
    I think 37 weeks is great.....once you get there you can always talk with your doctor about going on to 38 weeks....but I'm thinking by about week'll want them out :) ha ha

    Thanks for posting a picture of your very real bump with your very alive babies in it ! :)

  4. Such great news!

    I'm not pregnant, and your current shot looks better than I and that's three years past the twins' birth. LOL!

  5. What fantastic news!!! Thanks for the update...thinking of you! :) :)

  6. Homework completed, I told him. His basic response was "oh my goodness. wait, I mean congratulations." And it's another set of twins. "oh my goodness."


  7. The title of this post made me smile. I am so happy for you and your growing family. Hope and Faith. What a way to kick off 2012.

  8. I haven't been this thin since college. I hate you.

  9. Very nice post, congrat and Best wishes to you!

  10. wow, what news! i think i've read your blog a few times, but not recently, so i had a lot to catch up on. :) i have a mirena, but am not a superovulator like you, whew. :)

    wishing you the very best of luck with this pregnancy!