Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First Sick Day and Skin Testing

Chiron had his first fever last week and ended up staying home Thursday and Friday.  Considering he's over one, I think this is pretty impressive.  He started out with a 101.6 or so fever Wednesday night which continued into Thursday.  We were just watching it and going to go in for a quick check with the pediatrician Friday before the weekend, but it had jumped to 103.8 by afternoon before a Motrin dose and so they had us come in.  The pediatrician was saying that given the high level and his relative lack of reserves (code for underweight), they were going to do a urinalysis and we should probably do chest x-rays.  Then she looked in his ear and grinned.  Why?  He had his first ear infection and thus a clear cause for the fever!  So he's on amoxycillin and looking better!

His head really is huge!

Then yesterday he had skin testing for food allergies.  As expected, he did not react to any of them!  Coupled with his 0's on the blood RAST tests and the conclusion was that he can now eat everything but dairy and soy.  And since we are worrying about protein intolerance and digestion issues with them, we don't even have to be concerned about trace amounts of them!

We will likely try soy at two years.  She also decided that she will do his environmental skin testing early at 18 months.  And she wrote us a prescription for Pulmicort to try using to cut down on his Xopenex needs if he gets junky again.

His back wasn't allowed to touch anything once it was done, so he and I got creative to keep amused and even get a bottle eaten!

This adventure at the doctor did prove something to me: my normal workday is very easy on the body.  By the end of yesterday, I was feeling the heavy cervix/crampy abdomen feeling of a irritable uterus.  Not like contractions or preterm labor, just a bit of a protest of the body.  Could tell it was, because even grabbing and Chiron made it more intense.  But some water and some rest and all is back to good.  Glad my job is so easy on the body!

I was also starving after completing his appointment and so got two slices at a pizza place that has slices at lunch.  Each slice is huge, so I ate half of an 18 inch diameter pizza.  That's 127.2 square inches of pizza. 

And yes, I ate it all.

And yes, in calling last Thursday his first sick day I am completely glossing over the 59 days spent in the hospital. That's totally my perogative!


  1. As a former math teacher, I LOVE that you just calculated the area of the pizza you ate:) but it looks like you are a math person, so I shouldn't be surprised.

  2. Those pizza slices are HUGE. And I LOVE that you ate them both, no problemo! My kinda girl.

    P.S. My brain almost never works in "numbers," only words, so you are amazing to me, woman!

  3. I could TOTALLY eat that much pizza. TOTALLY !
    Happy news on the allergy front...and yes...I think he's amazing for having his first fever at 1 years old. WOW !

  4. That's great news on his allergy testing. We are at age 3 with my skinny guy and have no reasons at this point why he is so little.