Friday, June 24, 2011

Bittersweet sentiments

Death mingled with life. Nursery mingled with morgue. Carseat mingled with urn.  Death in multiples definitely creates some bittersweet moments.

Yesterday was Chiron's half-year mark.  Woot.  But while I thought about it at least a half-dozen times, I somehow couldn't bring myself to write anything, not even a quick picture (I cheated with Facebook and did it the day before).

When I think of things that should be happy as events in Chiron's existence I get this tightness in my jaws. It's like the muscles at the hinges of my jaws contract all at once. Why? I think I feel guilt at my bittersweet sentiments.

So, intellectually I think Chiron earns his own six month post, but I just couldn't bring myself to write one, so instead I'll lump in stats here.

Big news is with the exception of showing signs of readiness for food, he hit all of the unadjusted six-month milestones.  Woot!  Big woot!  Also, his length is now on the chart for unadjusted age at the 5% mark at 24.25 inches.  His head continues to be huge at 46 centimeters (75% for unadjusted).  Actually, it's so huge that we are doing an extra measurement appointment in six weeks.  My head is huge and Trajan's is pretty big, so it's probably fine, but just to be sure.  His weight is up to 12 pounds, 12 ounces of 5.755 kilograms and while this isn't on the chart, it's good progress for him and over 4 times his birth weight!

I'm resolving to do better for your birthday, little man.

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  1. Happy belated six month birthday to Chiron. Love the video and it's fantastic that he's hit all those milestones. Who cares about being ready to eat food?

    Just wondering if it is possible that Chiron has somehow managed to get J's head! Her height and weight are between 75th and 91st unadjusted (HUGE!) but her head circumference is on the 25th (ITTY BITTY!) Great weight gain too!

    I think I understand what you write about the tightness in your jaw. I think I feel guilty no matter how I feel, not happy enough, not sad enough. So it all gets concentrated in my jaw muscles? Sigh.

  2. He's a handsome young wiggly man! Happy 1/2 Birthday. May the next 1/2 year be filled with peace and a path of knocked down milestones!