Monday, June 6, 2011

Social Networking

So, I am still considering writing out Chiron's (and thus our whole family's) story, but just haven't really made strides in that direction.  The one thing I did do a couple months ago was to download my Facebook data so I could look through what I wrote there to help give me context and information.  I found this status:

has realized one thing she realy values about facebook: recognizing that in the good and the bad of life, you're not alone.  Others do and are experiencing similar things.  And more than that, people care.  Thank you all for existing.
I wrote this on April 19, 2010.  Before I was even pregnant.  While I believed it at the time, I did not know the degree to which it was true yet.  Another status I found was written on November 12, 2010 at 23:44:
is processing.  Sometime between Wednesday morning and before this morning, the girl twin died.  No abnormalies or infections to give an idea of why, so focusing now on giving the boy twin as long as possible to grow and develop.  This was just past 24 weeks.  No guarantees obviously, but hopeful thoughts.
The response to this showed the absolute truth of the first status.  So, thanks for existing social network. I knew I needed to update through Facebook and so I did and both the act of doing so and the responses I received really helped me through the following weeks/months.  Had it not been for Facebook, I know I wouldn't have reached out to tell people who reached out to help me since they knew through Facebook. 

And that's a convoluted enough sentence to justify stopping here.


  1. This is the positive side of social networking that doesn't get much press. It is appalling to see the bullying that takes place on the internet- bolstered by anonymity. But. BUT! It's nice to remember that there are lots of wonderful, caring, loving people in the world who will reach out to us when we need it and that the internet makes it easier to do so.

  2. Yes, I feel the same way about social media (when its powers are used for good). Facebook is great for a lot of reasons, many of which you covered. But I'm also glad I found your blog! You probably won't believe this, but I actually think about you and your family -- and especially Aurelia -- from time to time, and at the most random moments. I think about how strong and amazing you are, and what a gift your sons have for being born to a mother like you. Your story touches me, and inspires me, and makes me think about blessings and mysteries and love and loss and life in ways I don't know if I would have if I hadn't "met" you. I know this is all totally selfish, as it is all about me, me, me, but I do thank you for blogging -- as hard as it must have been, especially in the early days. I have grown because of you. And somehow, in some weird cyber-spurred way, I consider us connected.

  3. In the circle of life in blogging, it's because of another blogger ( that I probably thought to blog through Aurelia's inter-utero demise/stillbirth. I had read the story of her daughter previously and it was really one of the things that helped me through those six weeks in particular and beyond.

    Love following life, both good and bad. ANd that's one of the reason's that I really like your blog, you reflect on all aspects of life. Well that and the boys are adorable :-)