Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Random Tidbits

I feared for his life near constantly while he was inside, but I really think I only feared for his existence once after he was out and in the NICU

I may have answered what's behind space with "space, the final frontier"

There's this link going around of 10 things not to say to preemie parents and I've got to say, these generally don't bother me.  I guess I credit most people with good intentions.  When you congratulate us on our savings that he can stay in small clothes longer, you don't mean anything bad by this, just commenting.  And recognizing that he's just a part of existence.

I love Chiron's face when his brother cries:

Luckily, Trajan doesn't cry often, but this is consistently Chiron's response to it, great concern.  This particular night, Paul actually had to just take him outside until Trajan was calmed down.

Trajan is a goober and I love him immensely:

Including his fashion sense and his energy:

And Chiron has giant eyes:

And in celebration of being about to hit 6 months now fits in 3-6 month clothes!

And I just realized that it will be a blink of an eye until he goes from that Bumbo to the Learning Tower in the edge of the picture.

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  1. love how "hey, whats up?" he looks in the last picture!

  2. Aw Chiron's face when his brother cries. He looks SO concerned and fretful. He's a cutie pie and congratulations on filling out those 3-6 months clothes.

    I think I had all of those preemie comments but, like you, they don't generally bother me. With two exceptions. One lady who wanted to argue with me over how old my baby was and another guy who clocked me, J and the oxygen tank and told me that 'this wasn't a hospice.' Those both made me pretty cross.